Sennheiser made an all-black version of its 3D audio headphones for Apple Stores

Sennheiser has made an all-black version of its 3D audio Ambeo smart headset exclusively for Apple, available both online and in stores. The Ambeo headset connects to Apple devices via a Lightning connector, which Sennheiser says allows you to create videos with an “immersive life-like 3D sound.” The feature works when users record videos using an iOS camera, and it’s designed to “place the listener inside the soundscape of the location” by replicating the spatial direction and feeling of the experience. We’ll find out exactly what that means when we review these earphones.

The Ambeo smart headset also has noise-canceling capabilities but still allows the wearer to hear outside sounds while they’re listening to music if they want. It’s intended to be a safety feature for commuters like bikers, walkers, and joggers to let them enjoy music while remaining aware of their surroundings. The earbuds also feature a hook to loop around your ears, and they have voice control, so you can call up Siri whenever you need the voice assistant.

The headset is available now in black or white for $299.95.