The 6 Software Engineering Blogs You Should Read

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Here are some of the most popular software bloggers, their subject matter, backgrounds and style of writing, and a summary of what you’ll get out of following their blogs.

1. The Essential

The Toptal Engineering Blog is a massive blog with a huge readership. The articles are very well written and submitted by a range of contributors from the far reaches of the industry. There’s no better URL to get such a massive quantity of programming expertise.

What You’ll Get

Consistency and mass information on the subject matter. The blog has new posts every day (at least), so it’s one to keep an eye on for your daily dose of topical information. Topics are wide ranging but tend to focus on tips and tricks of the trade — including code snippets — and new technologies.

2. The Veteran

Martin Fowler is a self-professed loudmouth with a dedicated site on the skills and techniques of software development. Martin is a longtime industry expert of ThoughtWorks and editor of the site. There are a few guest posts, but most of the content comes directly from Fowler.

What You’ll Get

Fowler covers a range of topics including design, refactoring, NoSQL, DSL, continuous delivery, microservices and agile development. With posts ranging from every few days to once a week, he also includes a very useful reference index (a cross between a blog and a wiki, or a “bliki”) containing well over 400 entries to date.

3. The Lighthearted

Jeff Atwood, Web app developer and founder of Stack Exchange, is the mastermind behind Coding Horror. The blog is rife with humorous quotes and funny anecdotes, making it a thoroughly easy read. Combine that with a wealth of multimedia and you’ll find yourself scrolling through the archives for days.

What You’ll Get

Far-ranging subjects that tend to be more topical than simply instructional. Posts arrive about once a week (sometimes more often) and can lean towards tech advances and recent news concerning the industry.

4. The All-Arounder

Scott Hanselman launched the blog in 2005, and his posts range from informative to humorous to topical — including recent industry insights and breaking news. Hanselman is one of the industry’s stars as well as stalwart developer of Microsoft’s Web Platform Team.

What You’ll Get

Posts arrive approximately once a week with fantastic insight into the realm of software engineering. There are also podcasts for those who prefer to receive their insights audibly.

5. The Web

A List Apart is a multi-faceted blog that has a wealth of information in several formats. You can read the traditional blog posts, watch interviews with Web development experts, or engage in a Q&A discussion with “Dr. Web” if you have queries about the industry. Many programming bloggers have started here before moving into their own space — meaning you’re getting top notch content from future stars in the field.

What You’ll Get

The blog focuses particularly on Web technologies, is very high quality, and provides consistent and frequent posts.

6. The Philosophical

Scott Berkun’s blog is more business and philosophy oriented than one would expect software development to be. With time at Microsoft and WordPress under his belt, Berkun brings an innovative voice to his writing, which is thoroughly interesting and unexpected.

What You’ll Get

A holistic approach to self-improvement, whether it be programming, productivity or creativity. Although posts arrive only every few weeks, they are worth the wait.

Honorable Mentions

CodeBetter is an encyclopedic body of knowledge that gives you everything you need to code better.

Stevey’s Blog Rants is a hilarious blog that, after four years of inactivity, is active again. In any case, the archives are worth a look.