The Future Office is a Virtual Business Address

Could virtual offices be the future? | Watkin Davies

Conventional wisdom in the business sector was tested in 2020. The main theme under the digital microscope was as follows –

Are centralized offices required to create the appropriate business environment to maximize productivity, and thus, profit?

According to a blog post from Allwork, virtual offices date back to the 1970s. However, it would take decades before the concept would be known as a ‘virtual business.’ The timing of its evolution is intrinsically intertwined with technological advancements.

The reality is that in a more traditional business model if a company was to remain competitive, it needed to obtain prime office space. The pandemic upended that century’s old belief with a heaping helping hand from the technology sector.

A report from McKinsey & Company from June 2020 refers to Gallup Poll from two months earlier in which 62% of those employed were working from home, a significant uptick from just several months earlier in the pandemic.

When COVID-19 hit, businesses showed remarkable agility and met this unexpected necessity with a newly defined, invented business model. For many, the resiliency of the business world and workforce have exceeded the wildest of expectations.

So, what can business professionals expect the future to look like in the virtual business realm?

According to the above-mentioned McKinsey report, 8 out of 10 individuals responded that they enjoyed working from home, with about 40% noting they were more productive than before! Many respondents indicated that their liberation from commuting had offered additional time that helped balance their professional with their personal lives.

Some companies have recognized their revised business model opened avenues to additional talent pools when locational constraints are dropped. Still, others have reduced their operating costs as the high cost of real estate was simply not needed for virtual office work.

Virtual Business Address & Office Solutions

virtual business address or office offers all the benefits provided by a traditional office, which includes –

  • Phone Answering Services
  • Office Space
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Virtual Address, to name a few.

A virtual business address allows companies to work remotely while never sacrificing what is required to build and maintain a professional business image.

Benefits Offered by Virtual Business Address

A virtual office allows a business or organization to operate without the need –

  • To expose personal information
  • Miss calls or potential leads
  • Risk the theft or confidentiality of mail
  • Appear as an unprofessional company to prospects
  • Miss essential deliveries
  • Risk losing business by not being registered in a competitive market

The Bottom-Line

The waves of change moving across business sectors require factual analysis and transformational thinking. Business professionals are in a unique position to create safe, productive work environments with a pool of employees who happily collaborate as they reach to meet company objectives.