Why Test Your Home’s Water Pressure

How to Test Your Home's Water Pressure

Most homeowners understand that water pressure is important to the health and of their home. You may know that you should keep your pipes clean, but do you understand the importance of water pressure? Here is everything that you need to understand about water pressure and your home.

What Is Water Pressure?

Water pressure is the measure of force to move water. If you turn on a tap and see water slowly trickling out, this could be because of low pressure. Water pressure can be dependent on a lot of different factors, such as where you live or how much water you’ve used.

Why Is Water Pressure Important?

Most people don’t think about their water pressure. It’s easy to take water for granted. You expect that when you turn on the faucet that the faucet will work. When you turn on the water and it flows slowly or inconsistently, then you could have a water pressure problem. If your water pressure is too high, then you are likely to have leaks in your pipes. After all, they may not be used to that type of pressure. Leaks in your home could lead to serious water damage.

If your pressure is too low, you may have little water coming out of the taps. You may be unable to shower or bathe in the little water that comes out. If your water pressure is off, it can cause your pipes to burst or it can cause your taps to dry up. You should have the right water pressure throughout the year. A hydrostatic test pump can be used to test water pressure.

When it comes to your home’s plumbing, your water pressure does have to be just right. If you have burst pipes or leaking pipes, your home could suffer from severe water damage. It’s best to have your water pressure checked regularly.