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Linksys’ new router puts your gaming needs before everyone else’s

You might not think twice about your router (unless it crashes), but gamers looking for every edge do. For those folks, Linksys has unveiled

Australian Public Service Commission’s new social media guidelines go too far

Ulrich Ruegg Ellis was a pioneering member of the Canberra Press Gallery and a government stirrer who stretched the limits of public

Over 12 lakh businesses apply for new GST registration

the figure is too low it should be at double figureNitesh NEW DELHI: Over 12 lakh businesses have applied for fresh

New combat survival radio by General Dynamics

A new combat survival radio for downed military pilots, air crew and isolated personnel, has been introduced by General Dynamics Mission Systems.

Shopping for New Software

Q. Why are some programs not available in the software app stores, even if I know they exist? If I find them anyway,

Clips now features Disney and Pixar characters and new graphic overlays

Clips, Apple’s easy-to-use video creation app for iOS, is getting an update today that includes dozens of new graphic overlays and posters, plus

Overwatch’s New Hero Doomfist Will be Playable on July 27

The latest addition to the Overwatch roster of heroes, Doomfist will be playable for all from July 27. While you can play as Doomfist in Blizzard’s PTR

Apple creates a new head of China role and names exec to run it amid falling sales

Apple Isabel Ge Mahe, Apple’s new vice president and managing director of China. Apple has created a major new executive role in China

Apple shows off new emoji coming this year, including zombies, a genie and T-Rex

Apple Apple on Monday teased new emoji that it will launch later this year for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. The company said it revealed

The founder of Blackwater hopes Trump will give him some new business in Afghanistan

Erik Prince was one of the most controversial players in George W. Bush’s handling of the Iraq War. Now he’s reemerging as