4 Common Cell Phone Problems to Be Aware Of

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Functioning in modern society requires having a mobile phone. Any sort of downtime means potentially lost wages, social interactions or networking opportunities. To avoid all of that, keep these potential trouble spots in the back of your mind.

1. Screen Issues

If you can’t even see the interface, your phone’s usefulness dramatically decreases. Using a case to protect your hardware helps, but dropping it still has the potential to cause damage. If this happens, you can consult a cracked screen repair Odessa TX service. Depending on your sensitivity to light, it is possible that you will have to turn down the brightness of the display.

2. Malfunctioning Apps

There are very few technological headaches more frustrating than apps that continuously crash. Many times, certain updates to your operating system can cause bugs within those programs. A simple reboot may be all you need to get everything rolling smoothly again. If not, you could roll back those renovations until your service provider or phone manufacturer fixes the errors.

3. Internal Physical Threats

Unlike messes involving the screen, you cannot see what is happening inside the machine. The battery life will decrease the longer you have your device. To access power for longer periods of time, you can minimize the illumination settings. Powering down mechanisms such as WiFi and Bluetooth when they are idle can help as well. Another obstacle you might run into is full storage. To solve that, check for any old files or photos and delete them.

4. System Specific Complications

Some problems happen across all platforms. However, others are unique to Android or iOS. Here are a few that affect each one separately:


  • Trouble connecting to networks
  • Google Play store not working
  • Text messages refusing to send


  • Overheating
  • Unresponsive buttons
  • App store failures

For those quandaries, you can consult the documentation with those vendors.

Your handheld portal to the world is most likely very expensive. Make sure you keep track of potential complications so that you don’t miss out on life.