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Just as marketers follow posts on websites like Search Engine Land and Mashable, and tech enthusiasts read up on Hacker Noon and TechCrunch, designers have plenty of blogs

4 Simple yet Powerful Tips for Last-Minute Tax Planning

You know about the timelines for investment proof submission to employer. You also know that non-submission of proofs can lead to higher

Introducing Windows 11

At a time when the PC is playing a more central role in our lives, Windows 11 is designed to bring you

How to Use a Blog to Increase Organic Traffic

There are many great reasons for businesses to blog, but one stands out — increasing your keyword rankings and growing your organic

Job Description for UI/UX Designer

To be able to use a product or service, a user needs an interface with which they can interact with the product

Android loses a huge innovator as LG quits making phones

One of the biggest innovators in Android is bowing out. On Monday morning, LG revealed that it is exiting the phone business to focus

The 6 Software Engineering Blogs You Should Read

Here are some of the most popular software bloggers, their subject matter, backgrounds and style of writing, and a summary of what

Diversifying the telecommunications supply chain with Open RAN

Victor Bahl Microsoft Technical Fellow and Chief Technology Officer, Azure for Operators Over the past few years, there has been an increasingly steady

Check How Maitri Found Her Bliss by Taking Accountability at Radixweb

This was Maitri’s approach when she joined Radixweb in the year 2015. Before joining Radixweb, Maitri Parikh worked on a series of roles where

Bihar: Killers of JDU leader shot video to add communal colour, infers Samastipur SP

Patna: Killers of Samastipur JDU leader shot the video with a mention of beef to misguide investigation and to force the case to a