For the love of gaming

KOCHI: The love for gaming and passion towards computers, this led Prasanth R V to form Geekboz, a gamers’ exclusive store. According to Prasanth, Geekboz already completed 490 system builts in a year.
He says his experience of home-based computers running slowly by abnormal applications behaviour urged him to think about a change. “It was back in 2010 I received my first desktop and it drove me nuts at times. Things changed and then I started working on improving the speed and now our rigs are capable of handling a tonne of complex projects with ease. We also do content creation for YouTube channels and films,” he said.

Prasanth believes there is a need for a ‘gamers community’ as they are one among the most criticised group in society.“Here, we mentor gamers to balance a healthy gaming lifestyle along with their day-to-day activities. There are people who make more than C75,000 a month through gaming in the city and for the next ten years, the industry will not face any downfall,” he said.

“Some gamers look for special lighting, effects, soundproofing, stickers and blending elements in their room to give the realistic feel of what is happening in the virtual world. Around C2.5 lakh is spent on a mini customised studio and unlike traditional system builds, it also focuses on creating a lively ambience.
With gaming addiction among children is on the rise, Prasanth aims at promoting a sustainable gaming lifestyle through Geekboz.

When new generation video games such as PUBG has a six-hour time restriction, they also focus on creating a time framed zonal and is in the evolving stage. In the future, Geekboz plans to expand its roots to ‘Geekboz Campus’, where gamers can hangout, play games and talk about their experiences.
“It will be a place where gamers can call themselves as a community. We will be arranging motivational talks and empowerment sessions, thereby creating successful entrepreneurs,” added Prasanth.