How to Shoot Guns More Accurately During Competitions

Most competitive shooting events require speed and precision. However, as the competition heats up, the process of successfully hitting a target can be somewhat challenging. In order to win many shooting events throughout stressful situations on a gun range, you’ll have to train by implementing procedures to enhance your aim.

Shoot Slowly

Although speed is needed during competitive events, you must always manage your pace because rapid shooting without control decreases accuracy. Instead of rushing when you need quick shots, slow down so that you’ll maintain trigger control.

Dry Fire

Practice is the best way to improve your accuracy at the gun range. Dry firing is the most convenient drill because ammo isn’t wasted during this exercise. However, there is a slight disadvantage; a general session doesn’t provide a thrill since shots aren’t fired. A dry fire drill is still worth trying because it can help you develop better trigger control.

Shoot Away From the Bench

If you want to enhance your aim while using a rifle, you’ll need to take some shots off of the bench. Great aim is only achieved with a rifle when a rifleman is able to hit targets from a variety of locations. This means that you should take shots on one knee and while on the ground. You should also use a shooting stick during your routines as it will help you take strategic shots at various heights.

Rely on Different Training Routines

Most shooters lack great aim because they don’t alternate their practice routines. Practice sessions produce better results when they’re structured in stages. You can set up a practical routine by featuring

  • Basic shooting drills
  • Med-range shooting drills
  • Advanced shooting drills

Shooting competitions are easier when a shooter has great aim and accuracy. If you need better weapons that can help you during training drills, invest in a few competition handguns.