Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile gets a new tile and more in latest update

For those of you who have been accessing Instagram with 6tag, it might be time to start looking towards the official Windows 10 Instagram app. The app has received a new update recently, improving general stability and repairing a few features that weren’t working as intended. The update also replaced the black-and-white tile with a much better looking blue one, which is an extremely welcome change, considering just how awful the last tile looked.

The Windows Store page for the Instagram app isn’t showing us a proper change log, nor is it giving us a version number, but we’ve gone through the app to find some of the changes that are readily apparent. Here’s what we managed to pick out:

  • Tile redesign
  • General stability improvements
  • App startup significantly sped up
  • Faster video playback
  • The “shake to report issue” feature now works as intended.
  • You can now update photos from your gallery

If you discover any more improvements to the app, feel free to list them off in the comments section so we all know how Instagram is being tweaked.


[Source:- Winbeta]