New Skins and Accessories Available for Steam Hardware

New Skins and Accessories Available for Steam Hardware

Valve introduces new skins that will help its players customize their Steam Link and Steam controllers with various Valve properties’ logos and color schemes.

Valve has always been a bit of an oddity in the gaming world, going about its business with its customary flair and lack of concern over critics like it was the PC platform’s version of Nintendo. However, that willingness to embrace innovative, if sometimes bizarre, business models resulted in the birth of Steam, a program synonymous with PC gaming and the source of many a poor gamer‘s suddenly empty wallet.

It’s that popularity that has allowed Valve to launch its own pseudo-console in the Steam Linkdevice, an accessory that lets PC gamers play their Steam games on any television in their house, effectively turning their PC into a graphically-superior Xbox One or PS4. Valve has also released theSteam controller to more accurately simulate a console gaming environment, and now gamers who have either or both devices will also be able to show their true gaming colors. Valve introduced new skins today that will help players customize their Steam Link or Steam controllers, available in the Steam Store.

The skins, which are nearly all CS:GO themed, are available now and range from four different controller skins to three different Steam Link skins. Although a greater variety will likely be released if the initial skins sell well, there is at least a Portal skin for those Valve fans who aren’t part of the burgeoning CS:GO community.

Alongside the skins, Valve has also released a number of different Steam controller accessories. Gamers can pick up a wireless receiver, a custom battery door that also contains a storage spot for the wireless receiver, or a carrying case that fits the Steam controller, its wireless receiver, a wireless extender, and a few batteries. Given that many Valve games are multiplayer in nature and that LAN parties, although certainly not as prevalent, still happen now, the carrying case in particular could be a welcome addition to many traveling gamers’ arsenals.


Everything is available for 30% off to celebrate the new release, so interested gamers should make their decisions quickly to make sure they save some money. With a brand new Steam Store UI on the horizon and a Winter Sale looming, PC gamers will likely need some extra cash.



[Source:- Gamerant]