This operating system may be more powerful, secure than Windows and Apple

This operating system may be more powerful, secure than Windows and Apple

With Windows owning 87% of the operating system market share and Apple owning only about 10%, according to NetMarketShare, that’s a tiny sliver of the OS pie left for anyone else. Yet, there still are small players, and the one we’re talking about today claims to be easier and faster than its gigantic competitors.

Over the years, operating systems have popped up that offer safer, easier to use alternatives to Windows and Apple. You may have heard of a few: Linux, Chrome OS, FreeBSD, Syllable, ReactOS, Ubuntu, and the list goes on.

An alternative that you haven’t heard of is called Zorin OS, and it’s been around since 2008. Here’s a quick look at what we know about Zorin and whether or not you should use it.

What is Zorin OS?

Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu and the Linux kernel, but looks almost nothing like Linux. The creators of Zorin OS intended for this to be a “perfect blend of power and usability for everyone,” according to What that means is that Linux, while secure enough to power the government agencies or internet servers, it’s not the most user-friendly operating system for you or me to use if we’re used to Windows.

Zorin OS Desktop

Zorin looks similar to Windows 7 and Windows 10. The start menu has that familiar quick launch, folders, user profile folder and the typical shutdown links. The color palette and style of the windows themselves and the task bar appear to take on that Windows 10 aesthetic.

In addition to the looks of Zorin OS, it takes on the stability of Linux being fast, reliable, versatile, secure, and it’s open source allowing the flexibility to customize your machine’s experience. It also comes in a variety of flavors as Windows has in the past depending on your desired end-user experience.

Reasons to try Zorin OS

  • Seamless transition
  • Mimics Windows
  • Fast and secure
  • Compatible with Windows apps
  • Core, Lite, Ultimate, and business versions

Reasons to avoid

  • No right-click menus to fine tune your desktop
  • You can accidentally crash your bootable drive if you’re not careful

Zorin OS Screens

Bottom line: Yes or no to Zorin?

If you’re on the fence about Zorin OS, don’t be. There are plenty of operating system flavors out there for everyone, and if you are a Windows fan looking for a great Linux-based alternative, then this may just be what you need for a faster and more secure computer.

That being said, it is very important whenever you’re making a major change to your computer whether it be with hardware or the operating system to back it up. System backups are very important in today’s modern era and there’s no reason to lose all of your valuable data or leave it up to a game of chance. If you are in need of a quality backup utility, look no further than our sponsor IDrive.

Protect your privacy with this operating system

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