Overwatch: 5 Characters That Need Nerfs & 5 That Need Buffs

Overwatch: 5 Characters That Need Nerfs & 5 That Need Buffs

To help Blizzard make its online shooter Overwatch a more balanced experience, we name five characters that could use a buff, and five others that should be nerfed.

In the digital age of gaming, developers have the benefit of improving games long after they hit store shelves. For online multiplayer games, these improvements often come in the form of balancing updates that “nerf” (weaken) or “buff” (boost) characters or weapons in an attempt to make the game fairer for everyone playing. Like many other modern day shooters, the 2016 Game of the Year, Overwatch, has had its fair share of balancing updates since its launch last May.

Almost a year after Overwatch released to the masses, and Blizzard is still tweaking characters to balance the game. Sometimes these tweaks consist of simple stat changes, but other times Blizzard significantly reworks characters, giving them new abilities or taking away broken ones.

Despite the many updates that have already been released for the game, Blizzard is still trying to figure out how to make Overwatch as balanced as possible. While there are likely many other changes that could be made to achieve that goal, buffing and nerfing the following 10 characters could help Blizzard in its quest to balance Overwatch.

As it stands, Mercy’s healing and damage boosts seem to be at acceptable levels, but the problem is with her ultimate ability, Resurrect. In its current form, Resurrect has too small of a radius, meaning that if the team is even slightly spread out when they die, Mercy can only hope to resurrect one or two allies at best. Mercy’s ultimate can be a game-changer, so Blizzard shouldn’t buff it too much, but a slight increase in radius could make it much more useful in the thick of battle.


Blizzard itself realizes that Sombra needs a buff, and is already testing a couple of buffs that should be added to her in the coming weeks. One makes it so Sombra can hack enemies quicker and another reduces the charge time on her abilities, but we think it should be taken a step further. Even though Sombra is listed as an offense character, right now she doesn’t do enough damage to be used effectively in that role. Many players, outside of those that are exceptionally skilled when it comes to using her abilities, struggle with Sombra, and a slight damage increase could see her become more commonly used in Competitive play.


On consoles, Torbjorn is a well-balanced character, and can be devastating on Defend maps in the right hands. On PC, Torbjorn is another story entirely, with the character dying too quickly and his turrets easily destroyed by enemy players. When it comes to Torbjorn on PC, it would be nice to see him get a buff that increases his health or armor, as well as makes his turrets a bit sturdier.



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