Ghost Recon: Wildlands Closed Beta Gameplay Details

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Closed Beta Gameplay Details

With the next closed beta kicking off tomorrow, Ubisoft reveals what sort of content and map size players will be able to play through in Ghost Recon: Wildlands this weekend.

Ubisoft is firing on all cylinders lately as the company just wrapped up another successful closed beta session for its upcoming melee game, For Honor, along with getting ready to send out the final known expansion for The Division known as Last Stand. Rainbow Six Siege is also getting ready to launch its first season 2 content with Operation Velvet Shell, which introduces two new Spanish operators and a new map. Next on the to do list is Ghost Recon: Wildlands, as another closed beta test which is scheduled to kick off tomorrow and run through the weekend.

Thanks to a recent guide from Ubisoft, fans now have a good idea on what kind of content will be waiting for them starting tomorrow. Even though the map in Ghost Recon: Wildlands is quite massive with 21 regions, only the Itacua province will be available, though even this region appears to be pretty sizable. Every main story mission as well as all side activities will be unlocked in this region, and players have the option to play through them solo alongside three AI bots or with up to three human co-op players.

In addition to checking out the gameplay and missions, players also have full access to both the player character customization tools and the Gunsmith. Though briefly detailed last year in a trailer, Gunsmith is essentially the tool that enables players to look at and customize their currently unlocked set of weapons in the game. With over 50 customizable guns in the game, players can use Gunsmith to add or remove attachments, switch weapons, and further customize them with sprays and other items as they see fit.

Most fans will also be happy to note that even though this is a closed beta, Ubisoft is not including an NDA and is encouraging players to share and stream the beta content. Considering that most fans enjoy getting in-game loot in exchange for participating in beta events, Ubisoft has also promised a free Llama shirt for all beta players to customize their character with once the full game launches in March.

Players already accepted into the beta can start preloading the tactical shooter now in preparation before tomorrow. While not everyone will be able to experience the beta, reports from players have begun to trickle in over not being able to use their unlock code or not receiving invites at all. With a bit more time left before the servers go live, hopefully these issues can be sorted out before the beta officially starts tomorrow.

Are you looking forward to this open world title or are you in wait and see mode before committing? Let us know in the comments below.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands closed beta will be available from February 3 to February 6 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game then releases in full on March 7, 2017.



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New No Man’s Sky Demo Reveals New Gameplay Details

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In new 21 minute demo, Hello Games managing director Sean Murray demonstrates some gameplay details for the studio’s upcoming universe-exploration title, No Man’s Sky. 

Gamers don’t have long to wait before No Man’s Sky‘s June launch, and despite the approaching release date, fans still don’t have much of an idea on what the game entails. But thanks to a new gameplay demo, some light has been shed on what players can get up to in No Man’s Sky.

The new 21-minute demo was unveiled on IGN by No Man’s Sky co-director Sean Murray, who played through a section of the game and provided some useful commentary on some of the single-player gameplay details gamers can expect. Playing like a colorful first-person shooter, every player will begin No Man’s Sky on a completely random planet, ensuring that each gamer will have a unique experience.

Murray states that one of the main aims of the game involves gathering resources and combining them to build technology. Each resource was developed based on a faux periodic table, and players can expect different planets to have different resources. With gamers needing a few billion years to explore every planet in No Man’s Sky, expect to find a wide range of resources throughout the game’s universe. Interestingly, the game contains no mini-map, which Murray states is a design choice due to No Man’s Sky‘s focus on having players explore never-before-seen planets on their own.

In addition to resource gathering, one of the other main aims of No Man’s Sky is survival, which is an area where the aforementioned resource gathering mechanic can be used. In order to survive dangerous wildlife and/or hazardous planets, players can build protective gear and weapons using whatever resources they may have. In addition to building gear, No Man’s Sky features an intriguing destructive environment mechanic, and many planets will feature enormous cave networks just waiting to be uncovered.

Having previous stated that No Man’s Sky will feature alien languages, Murray revealed that alien languages and the game’s lore can be learned through left over alien relics. While players will have the option of antagonizing NPC’s, learning new alien languages is important if players want to sell or trade useful items and resources with alien NPC’s. Murray also showed off some of the buildings which players can come across, and should gamers be killed by a planet’s wildlife or angry robotic sentinels, these buildings will serve as a respawn point.

And finally, Murray demonstrated No Man’s Sky‘s space exploration mechanic, in which gamers can leave a planet by a spaceship and go exploring in outer space. Not only can players spend lifetimes exploring the game’s many planets, but countless hours can also be spent in space just interacting with traders, minable asteroids, and space stations. Should gamers get bored flying around in space, it is possible to attack other ships and get a wanted level, though players should definitely expect some heavy resistance.

While a number of new details have been unveiled in the 21-minute demo – which can be viewed above – No Man’s Sky‘s story remains a mystery. But based on what we’ve seen so far from the demo, No Man’s Sky is still easily one of 2016’s most anticipated games, and we’re hoping that when the story is finally revealed, it will be comparable to No Man’s Sky‘s impeccable gameplay.


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Outlook for iOS and Android gets new calendar integrations

outlook evernote calendar apps

Users of Outlook for iOS and Android now have new ways to get important reminders and events into their calendars, thanks to integrations that Microsoft unveiled Thursday.

The new Calendar Apps feature allows users to add reminders and events from Wunderlist, Evernote and Facebook into their calendars and view key information from those sources alongside calendar details from Exchange, Google Calendar and iCloud.

For Evernote users, reminders that they’ve set inside the note-taking app will show up in Outlook with a link to the note that they’re attached to. If the user taps on it, they’ll be taken to the Evernote app on their device to view the note in its entirety.

Wunderlist users will see their to-do items with due dates in their calendar, along with a link that will take them into Wunderlist to edit their reminders. Using the integration, people can also choose which to-do lists show up in their calendar and change the colors of the lists.

The Facebook integration lets users see their friends’ birthdays, along with events that they’ve been invited to and those they’ve signed up to attend. By tapping on a Facebook event, users can change their response and view the event location and description.

While the integrations are cool, this is also yet another harbinger of Sunrise Calendar’s impending demise. Integrations like this are a key part of the special sauce in that app, which Microsoft acquired last year. Microsoft is in the process of adding all those capabilities to Outlook so that it can shut down Sunrise Calendar.

Sunrise has a whole smorgasbord of other integrations that are missing from Outlook, including connections to Asana, Todoist, Trello and Basecamp. Microsoft has asked users to submit other integrations they want to see, so those capabilities may make an appearance soon.

The integrations are a heartening sign of what’s to come from Microsoft, which has shown an increasing focus on integrating features from its competitors into its products. That focus may help attract users who rely on services that compete with Microsoft and serve as a net benefit for the company in the long run.


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Microsoft details how location services make for powerful Universal Windows mapping applications

The Windows team has published a new post on the Windows blog, detailing how developers can use the built-in Map APIs and Controls to build Universal Windows Apps.

The second post in a series about Map APIs and Controls, the post goes into using geolocation, geocoding, reverse geocoding route-finding, showing directions, offline maps, and using the Windows Map app launcher. The first three functions let you determine a coordinate of a location by longitude, latitude and altitude (‘geolocation’), retrieving the geolocation from a physical address, and a physical address from the geolocation. Armed with this knowledge, you can then find and show the routes between two points on a map, and even get turn-by-turn directions.

4_routecolor-715x630 Microsoft details how location services make for powerful Universal Windows  mapping applications

“To 13 Kensington Church Street, Watson’s residence please”.

One of the stand-out feature of the Windows Map application is the ability to download maps for offline use, previously mobile-only and coming to the desktop with Windows 10. These downloaded maps can also be used by UWA with mapping capabilities. If maps is not the app focus, the developer can instead bring up the Windows Map application with very simple commands.

Overall, the post showcases the power and flexibility of the Map APIs while giving useful information to UWA developers. Stay tuned for the next and final post in the series for information on how to add pins and external elements in maps specific to one’s needs.


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Oracles Financial Details About Cloud Computing

Oracle logo

In past endeavors, Oracle has sold database software to major businesses using licensing agreements. In contrast to companies like IBM, Oracle has seen where it must go in order to thrive in the new high tech world. It is going to the cloud.


In the latter part of 2014, Oracle acquired major cloud companies, such as Datalogix, a data analytics firm. Oracle can both store information and analyze it, making it able to not only provide technology but also a solution.


The Oracle cloud engine has four distinct parts: Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and, most recently, Data-as-a-Service. The aim of the Oracle cloud engine us to be able to provide a solution to a company no matter what level it is.


oracle 2


Due to the rise of the cloud and companies such as Amazon that operate outside of the standard of locking customers into contracts, Oracle has had to be become more flexible in order to keep its customers.


Oracles latest financial report exemplifies how well it has been performing in the cloud market. While Wall Street was looking for earnings of 87 cents per share with $10.95 billion in revenue, Oracle reported non-GAAP revenue of 78 cents per share on revenue of $10.7 billion. Oracle blamed this disappointing news on currency fluctuation.


The company has noted a seventeen percent decline in new software licenses year after year. Customers have began to break away from the traditional model and have started to utilize more recently developed cloud technology.


“We sold an astonishing $426 million of new SaaS and PaaS annually recurring cloud subscription revenue in Q4,” CEO Safra Catz wrote. “We expect our rapidly increasing cloud sales to quickly translate into significantly more revenue and profits for Oracle Corporation. For example, SaaS and PaaS revenues grew at a 34% constant currency rate in our just completed Q4, but we expect that revenue growth rate to jump to around 60% in constant currency this new fiscal year.”

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