Apple’s New iPhone 9 Has A Nasty Surprise

Picked up by 9to5Mac, a new report from respected US researcher GBH Insights reveals Apple can expect record demand for its all-new iPhone X Plus (details), second generation iPhone X (details) and iPhone 9 (details) when they launch. The problem is the hotly anticipated iPhone 9 won’t be among them.

Worryingly, GBH says the iPhone 9 (often referred to as the ‘budget iPhone X’) could be delayed by as much as two months compared to the premium second gen iPhone X and iPhone X Plus. This would result in a November launch and mean stock of the phone will be very hard to come by before Christmas.

Interestingly, we’ve been here before.

Last year, despite launching the original iPhone X in September, Apple was unable to get the phone to users before November. This caused a run on limited stock levels which sold out in minutes, and delays continued well into the new year.


Models of Apple’s iPhone X, iPhone 9 and iPhone X PlusMKBHD

All of which wouldn’t matter if the iPhone 9 (my bet is simply ‘iPhone’) wasn’t so appealing – but it is. Not only will the model deliver the iPhone X design for a fraction of the price, it also has cutting edge bezel technology, a big display and potentially exclusive dual sim capabilities.

Consequently, it begs the question: Why pay more for the new iPhone X or iPhone X Plus?

It turns out the answer is simple: because you won’t be able to buy anything else…