Artist’s Muse: Creative inspiration from food

Find creative inspiration in dessert.

There are so many things to pull inspiration from in our creative endeavors. As summer approaches, I am thinking of all the fun subjects we use as jumping off points for our explorations: animals, nature, fantasy, cities, music, books, oceans, science, cars and so much more!

A number of our After-school Community Design Lab students have spent a few different weeks this year creating works inspired by food. It is a super fun subject because it is something that each of us — no matter what age — has a connection to in one way or another. They used multiple mediums to explore food. Here are a few you can try:

Create your own game or set of cards inspired by food

Decide how many cards you would like to make, cut paper in the size/shape you desire, and get going! Draw a different character on each card that is created from a food. For example: Cookie Girl, Mr. Taco, etc. They can also have super powers, stats, and more. You could use Sharpie markers to draw and write their name, then color in with colored pencil. Find a way to play a game with your friends using them!

Create you favorite drawing of a dessert

You may know the artist Wayne Thienbaud. He is an American painter who, among other common subjects, has painted many ice cream cones and pastries as subjects. He is a fun artists to reference for inspiration, then create your own work based on your favorite dessert! We used chalk pastels for this project, but you could also use paint, or colored pencils. The most fun is making it as colorful as possible!

Create a portrait with food

René Magritte was a Belgian surrealist artist. His work was full of wit and thought-provoking images. You can use his work as inspiration to create a portrait of yourself as a piece of food! You could draw, paint or even collage things together to make this one happen. The possibilities are endless!

Post your food creations on Instagram and use the hashtag #rootswingsarts so we can see your work! #avlkids.