Watch Shawn Mendes Discuss Song Inspiration for ‘Live From the Artists Den’

Image result for Watch Shawn Mendes Discuss Song Inspiration for ‘Live From the Artists Den’Last summer, Shawn Mendes gave an in-depth interview in Brooklyn for his episode of Live From the Artists Den. In this exclusive clip, Mendes discusses what it meant to get “real” in the lyrics for his third LP, Shawn Mendes. His interview and special performance make up the Season 13 premiere for the public television series, set to air according to local listings this Friday.

While writing and recording his third album, Mendes thought about the lyrical honest he admires in the music that inspires him. “I realized that the music that really really gets me is always super specific,” he said. “It’s really specific details that are about someone [like] the shampoo they used in their hair or what street they lived on.”

He recalled sessions with his close-knit team of co-writers — which has most frequently included Teddy Geiger, Scott Harris and Geoffrey Warburton — where they would ask him to give them “the real stuff,” much to his chagrin. Still, he knew it was necessary for him to do as he continues to grow. “When this album came around, the only way to next-level the music is to be more honest and become more real with everything. The only way to do that is to tell people how I feel, genuinely.”

Mendes’ Artists Den interview and performance were filmed at the Bushwick event space 99 Scott Ave in front of a select group of 750 fans. This season of the series will also feature Charli XCX, James Bay and Vance Joy. Check your local listings for the air time.