Bassheads will love Vava’s $26 wired ‘gaming’ earphones

Bassheads will love Vava’s $26 wired ‘gaming’ earphones

Even though we’ve had Bluetooth wireless technology for years now, I’m still a sucker for wired earphones simply because there’s no battery to worry about charging up. What’s more, most of my wired sets sound far and away better than my wireless earphones.

That’s why I was happy to try out Vava’s new ‘gaming’ earphones. The Fremont-based company, which also makes speakers and other products, is targeting gamers who want surround sound but without the trouble of carrying around a large set of over-the-ear headphones that need charging.

Let’s be honest: that’s not easy, if at all possible, to achieve with $25 unpowered in-earphones. In order to recreate a surround sound effect that you get from placing multiple speakers in a room and using a spatial audio source signal, you need more sophisticated equipment than this – heck, at least something that’s powered and uses dedicated digital signal processing technology.

Instead, Vava’s drivers present a unique sound profile that feels remarkably full and loud. It’s fine for gaming, but I’d hardly call it ‘surround sound’. What I will call it, though, is a bass lover’s delight.


Vava’s gaming buds don’t look particularly distinctive. However, the chunky earphones are finished in a lovely matte black with red piping that makes them feel premium to the touch and are easy to spot in a jumble of cables.