CNP-WCCI to hold first-ever Conference of Inspiration

CNP-WCCI to hold first-ever Conference of Inspiration

LAHORE (PR) – The Central and North Punjab Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CNP-WCCI) and mothering platform Scaryammi are organising the first ever Conference of Inspiration, a unique and truly novel event. The tagline of the conference is: “To inspire women is to inspire an entire generation.”

The aim of this event is to motivate and inspire women to do their best in whatever roles they have adopted for themselves, be it the role of a mother or an entrepreneur. “I believe women can do it all and I want to encourage women to do it all,” said Dr Shehla Javed Akram, the founder president of the CNP-WCCI. “This conference is a step toward pushing women to do the best they can.”

The women chamber holds multiple events aimed toward entrepreneurship and promoting women in the business world but this will be the first time that an event dedicated to inspiration will be taking place.

“The aim of Scaryammi is to push women to be the best version of themselves,” said Ayesha Nasir, the Original Scaryammi. “This conference is like a dream come true for me and many other Scaryammis because it’s four hours dedicated to becoming an amazing version of ourselves.”

Mrs Falahat Imran, the chief co-ordinator of the event, expressed great excitement at how the preparations were panning out. “I am super excited, “she said. “We have an almost unreal line-up of guest speakers and each is more amazing than the previous one. This is going to be one dynamic and powerful conference. “

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The keynote talk at the event will be delivered by Qasim Ali Shah, keynote speaker, who will be talking about how each of us can become a better version of ourselves and how we can not only get inspired but stay inspired. The second key note speech will be delivered by Anjum S Ahmed, the CEO of Learning Alliance, who will be sharing the role inspiration and determination played in helping her achieve her aims.

“I am so happy to be a part of this event and believe such initiatives are just what the women of Lahore and the women of Pakistan need,” said Hifsa Saad Khan, the styling partner for the Conference of Inspiration.

Sana Hasan, director Motifz, says the instant she heard about this event, she said yes without even thinking twice. “Motifz is all about supporting the strength and passion of a woman. My brand aims to highlight how a woman can have it all while looking like an absolute vision.” Motifz is the styling partner for the Conference of Inspiration.

Tehmina A Chaudhary, the CEO of Instafoods and the founder of Connected Women, is a sponsor and partner for the event. In her role with Connected Women, Tehmina Chaudhary has worked tirelessly to provide women in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi a platform to come together on. “This conference was right up my alley, “she said. “I agreed to be a sponsor the instant I heard about the event. The speakers are stellar, the panels extremely well designed and I am really excited for the event.”

An exciting panel at the event is being moderated by journalist Meshal Malik and comprises of therapist Akbar Hussain and educationist Syma Nasir. Fatima Ali Haider, who lost both her son and husband to sectarian violence, will also be talking at the event.

“This event is just the kind of initiative we needed in Lahore and in fact Pakistan,” said Khadija Rehan, owner of Beauty Madness. “I am so eager to be a part of it and to meet all these fascinating women.”

Mavra Ghaznavi and Anya Sheikh will be doing a comedy act while Bibi will be doing a solo act.

“This event is the pinnacle of all the events I have conducted,” said Faiza Amjad, president of the Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “I can’t wait for the event to start and the planning to end.”