Division Player Finds DLC Dark Zone Area?

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A Reddit user by the name of CodeDux travels beyond the Dark Zone’s playable area in The Division, discovering what could be space reserved for future Dark Zone DLC.

Tom Clancy’s The Division players are busy prepping for the game’s big April update, which is looking to add its first raid, along with additional content. The update may also be extending the playable space in the Dark Zone, as one Reddit user has found a land of empty streets and abandoned cars beyond the Dark Zone’s current playable area.

Reddit user CodeDux has managed to explore these areas, in a manner not unlike how players accessed the secret Central Park area in the game. In the Dark Zone area CodeDux managed to reach, designated DZ08, there’s mostly just empty streets and abandoned cars, as previously mentioned. However, CodeDux also managed to find some more interesting bits in this new Dark Zone area that hint that it may possibly be fleshed out as future DLC for The Division.

Besides the empty streets and abandoned cars, DZ08 is also home to an eastern checkpoint that is outfitted with fortifications. It wouldn’t make much sense for Massive Entertainment to go through the trouble of creating a fortified checkpoint in DZ08 if players are never meant to explore it, so perhaps this checkpoint is evidence in favor of the theory that DZ08 will be added to the game in April’s update.

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CodeDux found further evidence in favor of this theory while exploring DZ08 in the form of “clue placeholders.” These bright blue icons appear to be spots where The Division‘s collectibles will be placed at some point down the road. Again, it seems as though if Massive went through the trouble of adding these to DZ08 that the area will serve a more significant purpose in the future.

Some have theorized that DZ08 could open up as soon as The Division‘s first raid content update hits the game in the middle of April. This is because the first raid is set in Columbus Square, an area of Manhattan that is farther north than the current outlined playable area in The Division.

If DZ08 isn’t added to the game as part of April’s update, perhaps it will come later on. After all, The Division‘s season pass will include three separate expansions, and considering The Division‘s massive popularity, it will probably have another wave of expansions after the season pass obligations are fulfilled. The Dark Zone has proven to be a particularly popular area in The Division, so it would make sense for it to be expanded in future free content updates or paid expansion releases for the game.

Regardless of if DZ08 is ever added to The Division in an official capacity, it seems reasonable to assume that the Dark Zone will be getting bigger one way or another. The Division‘s popularity is too much to ignore, and one way that Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment will be able to hold on to its large player base is by expanding on the content that the community has responded well to, which would include the Dark Zone.


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