Fallout 4 Developers Walkthrough the Upcoming Nuka-World DLC

Fallout 4 Developers Walkthrough the Upcoming Nuka-World DLC

In a recent livestream event, Mark Teare and Matt Grandstaff from Bethesda walks fans through the opening portions of the upcoming Fallout 4 expansion, Nuka-World.

Since launching in November of 2015, Fallout 4 has gone on to be a massive success for Bethesda, even setting record sales numbers at retail during launch week. To continue that momentum, the game has been the recipient of a ton of updates including both paid downloadable content and free updates like mod support. The last content expansion pack is coming next week and to help fans get even more excited, Bethesda played through a small portion of it, providing some insight into what fans can expect once it arrives.

In a scheduled livestream event, Bethesda Global Community Lead, Matt Grandstaff, and Nuka-World Lead Artist, Mark Teare, walked fans through a small portion of the upcoming Nuka-World expansion pack for Fallout 4. While the duo made sure to omit potential spoilers, fans got a great look at the opening portions of the content pack while giving some developer insight and behind the scenes stories.


As demonstrated in the stream, this raider heavy theme park is intended for more experienced players, as Bethesda recommends character levels to be beyond 30 in order to stand a fighting chance. In addition to the first couple missions and a look at a snarky robot named N.I.R.A., fans also got a good look at a place called Nuka-cade, where tokens and tickets scavenged from trash bins around the park can be used to play old school arcade games with a Fallout style twist like whack-a-mole, a shooting gallery, skee ball, and hoop shot. Better yet, earned tickets can be redeemed, though the prizes have not been detailed.

Fans will need to first ensure that update 1.7 is installed on their platform of choice in order for Nuka-World to appear on the map. Players will then notice a new radio station is available called Nuka-Cola Family Radio, which will kick off the quest line. The update also includes minor UI improvements, mod enhancements, and a number of bug fixes like the odd issue where companions may sometimes unequip their clothing after fast travelling.

With Nuka-World is scheduled to arrive next week, PlayStation 4 fans continue to wait and wonder when mod support will finally make it to their platform. Originally scheduled for this past June, the feature is still being evaluated with no current timetable set.

Now that you’ve seen the content in action, will you be entering the gates of Nuka-World? Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming DLC below in the comments.


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