Five Solid Reasons to Keep Your Pipes and Bongs Clean

Cleaning pipes and bongs is a chore like any other, and most people out there, young and old, aren’t that fond of doing chores. Just like laundry and washing your dishes, however, cleaning up after yourself is important, especially when it comes to certain objects that you smoke out of. Though it’s a simple process usually, it can be tedious and seem insignificant, and the dirtier your pipe or bong is the less motivated you are to tackle the issue. Here’s a few reasons that you actually should do it anyways.

  1. Quality of flavor. The first rip out of a brand new bong is always the best and that’s precisely because it’s sparkling clean. If you let residues build up the odors will mess with the flavor of whatever you’re smoking a ton and make every hit taste the same regardless of the strain.
  2. Clean glass is better for you. When you let huge amounts of residue build up, there’s more and more tiny particles of tar and combusted plant matter that tag along for a ride when you’re inhaling a huge cloud of smoke. Ya you get a lot of that from the smoke itself but no need to get more of it for no reason.
  3. It looks nicer. Obviously this doesn’t apply if you have to hide your bong, but of course it’s way nicer to see sparkling clean pipes and bongs on a shelf rather than smelly, dirty ones.
  4. On the flipside, it’s easier to hide. A clean bong smells infinitely better than a dirty one so if you have to hide yours for whatever reason, it’s much easier when it’s clean, since you don’t have to wrap it up in three towels to stifle the scent. A really dirty bong’s stench can actually get through almost anything, it’s insane.
  5. It only takes ten minutes if you do it routinely. Sure, the first time you clean it in six months might be a half hour ordeal, or longer even maybe, but once you get to doing it weekly it’ll be easy as pie to get it looking brand new every time.