Give Dogmeat a Backpack with This Fallout 4 Mod

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A Fallout 4 modder releases a new mod for the sole survivor’s canine companion Dogmeat, giving him a customizable backpack that increases his inventory space.

Companions in Fallout 4 can lend a helpful hand in combat, but many players bring them along purely because of their ability to carry excess equipment, items, and junk, lightening the sole survivor’s load. Dogmeat can also carry the sole survivor’s equipment, although how exactly he’s carrying any of it is unclear. While Bethesda didn’t provide an answer to this conundrum, one modder has stepped in to help the process make a little more sense.

While other companions can presumably carry the sole survivor’s extra stuff in their pockets or the equipment they’re carrying, Dogmeat – realistically speaking – doesn’t have any way to carry the pounds of extra junk that the sole survivor gives to him. Modder Higeyosi has stepped in to make this process make a little more sense, and they’ve added yet another cute accessory to the faithful pup.

Higeyosi’s Fallout 4 mod, entitled Dogmeat’s Backpack, allows Dogmeat to carry a bag on his back. The backpack comes in three different styles, ranging from an assortment of small pouches to a large satchel bag. In addition to just looking charming on the happy dog’s back, the backpacks actually increase the limit of weight he can carry, so players may find it beneficial to their treks through the wasteland. Best of all, the mod works together with other armorsmith mods, allowing players to hand-craft the backpack for their dog themselves.

Dogmeat, like the other companions in Fallout 4, can be equipped with certain cosmetic items that allow the player to customize his appearance in the base game. Players can easily equip goggles and bandanas to the pooch, but with a little extra work, he can also be given an entire set of doggy armor. Unfortunately, unlike the backpack mod, Dogmeat’s armor doesn’t add any actual defense perks to the pooch, but given Dogmeat’s status as an immortal, that’s not too much of a drawback.

Not every player will choose to travel the wasteland with Dogmeat, as some may find it makes the game too easy, while others may be irritated by Dogmeat disappearing into strange locations. For those who do, however, mods like these allow players to find ways to improve Dogmeat’s basic characteristics and keep the overall experience fresh.

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Fallout 4 is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


[Source:- Gamerant]