GTA Online Adds Stunt Race Creator, Entourage Mode

GTA Online Adds Stunt Race Creator, Entourage Mode

Rockstar announced a massive update to GTA Online, giving players the ability to create their own custom race tracks, as well as a new PVP combat mode called Entourage.

Grand Theft Auto Online’s latest DLC, Cunning Stunts, added 27 over the top stunt races to the game as well as a host of new vehicles for players to use. Rockstar has kept up a good track record of regularly adding new content to the online portion of Grand Theft Auto 5, adding several new races and vehicles to Cunning Stunts just two weeks ago.

While Rockstar seems keen on keeping players happy with new content, the publisher announced the release of a major update to Cunning Stunts earlier today. According to the press release, the update adds a number of new features to Cunning Stunts including a Stunt Race Creator, which will allow players to create their own custom races.

“Use Raised Tracks, Tubes, Loops and more to make massive ascents and breakneck plummets. With over 250 new Stunt Props now at your disposal, tracks can spiral through the skyscrapers of the Los Santos Skyline, dive through bridges and summit Mount Chiliad. Customize your creation with dangerous obstacles like flaming rings, speed boosts, oversized soccer balls, bowling pins and more.”

The ability to create their own custom races will not only please a large number of GTA Onlineplayers, it will undoubtedly spawn a number of funny and over the top gameplay videos. For GTA Online players who aren’t attracted by racing’s high octane thrills, Rockstar hasn’t left them out in the cold; the update also brings a new Adversary Mode to the game called Entourage mode.

The update also brings a brand new Adversary Mode for the combat-ready populace of Los Santos. Entourage requires tactical teamwork for Bodyguards to transport a well-armored and armed Target to a designated Extraction Point, all the while battling a team of Assassins attempting to take down the Target. The Extraction Point along with all Assassins are only visible to the Target on their radar – the Bodyguards must rely on communication to safely transport the Target and themselves to the goal.

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Rockstar seems dedicated to pushing out new content for GTA Online, as the online component for Grand Theft Auto 5 has been very profitable for the publisher. Even though all of GTA Online’s DLC is free, Rockstar is able to generate revenue through the sale of Shark Cards, which allow players to instantly amass large amounts of ingame currency in exchange for real world money.

As profitable as GTA Online has been for Rockstar, the microtransaction system has alienated many players who feel that many ingame items are prohibitively expensive, such as the million dollar gun case that was added in a previous update. Though Rockstar has previously stated that GTA Onlinewill come to an end at some point, it seems that the developer has shown no plans of slowing down anytime soon.


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