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No other medium lets you become a lizard-person on a quest to save the world from certain doom. You can’t pick up a book or put in a DVD and instantly assume control of an Italian plumber trying to save the princess of a Mushroom Kingdom. You can watch a movie with friends or visit an art gallery with them sure, but these mediums don’t let you band together to fight off zombies, cooperate on meal prep or even face off against each other. Games allow us to do all these things and more. Games let us escape into a world of someone else’s or our own imagining. We’ve started HeadStuff Gaming and we want to know about your experiences in these worlds.

Games recreate some of the most mundane activities from cooking to walking to fishing as well as creating enormous spectacles with the player at their centre. So, whether it’s MonopolyDungeons and Dragons or World of Warcraft we here at HeadStuff want you to write about your experiences with these games and the people that made them. We want to know why Mario Tennis inspired you to pick up a racket or how Call of Duty: World at Warmade you want to study history. But that’s only a small part of what we want to hear about.

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Art is political, and therefore so are games. Do the choose-your-own-adventure game-books of the ‘80s reflect the turmoil of that period? Is the games industry a toxic place that pushes minorities to the side in favour of white cis-hetero narratives? Is Minecraft compelling, or corrupting a new generation? HeadStuff wants to hear your thoughts on where the games industry is going and how the games they produce are reflecting both the positives and negatives of its maturation. You know what they say; “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Not an attitude we have at HeadStuff though.

We have a diverse readership made up of men, women, trans and non-binary folks from a great variety of backgrounds. We want our writers at HeadStuff Gaming to reflect that. Though they may be underrepresented in games, women, people of colour and LGBTQ+ folks make up a considerable percentage of gamers whether it’s Jenga or Destiny. So, if you know anyone who loves games and writing why not get them to submit to HeadStuff? We’re always open!

The more our writers are paid the better their work will be. Everybody wins!

For the moment we’ve found Patreon to be the best way. For just a small donation you can give our writers the opportunity of paid work or get paid yourself, something that is a rarity in online journalism. The more our writers are paid the better their work will be. Everybody wins!

I’m Andrew. I’m editor of HeadStuff Gaming and I want you to write for me! So share this article. Put it on Facebook, Twitter, hell even your Snapchat and get people writing about games in whatever form they choose!