Hey Alexa, inspire me — Adobe launches new skill aimed at sparking creativity

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It’s no secret that Alexa can handle a multitude of tasks, from setting reminders to ordering toilet paper, but now, the personal assistant can even double as your creative muse. Adobe has launched a new Alexa skill called Adobe Inspiration Engine. With the skill installed, Alexa can share insightful quotes, creative exercises, or, on devices with screens, inspiring images as a way to jump-start your creativity.

The Adobe Inspiration Engine has three main components. Quick insight offers an inspirational quote or insight from another creative, including Jessica Walsh, Pascal Campion, and Weitong Mai. 

Creative exercises are also built into the skill, and include tests to find out your creative type or exercises in using your senses. The exercises are voiced by talents like Calob Castellon and Elise Swopes.

On devices with a screen like the Amazon Echo Show or Amazon TV Fire Stick, the Alexa skill can display visual inspiration from Behance, Adobe’s online portfolio platform.

Adobe says the Alexa skill is designed for anyone who needs creative inspiration, including photographers, designers, and artists — basically anyone who wants a burst of inspiration to go along with their morning coffee.

Once installed, the feature can be accessed by saying, “Hey Alexa, open the Adobe Inspiration Engine.” The skill can also be installed via voice command by saying, “Hey Alexa, enable the Adobe Inspiration Engine.”

Adobe says the inspiration for the inspiration boost stems from a recent survey that suggests 89 percent of respondents struggle to find inspiration. The survey, conducted by Adobe, also suggests that 71 percent of people consider themselves creative. Sixteen percent said they struggle to find inspiration daily, and 23 percent struggle with the same issue on a weekly basis.

The new Alexa skill targets the second-most inspirational location — home. (The top-ranked inspirational location is in nature.) Inspiration can also result in more than just creative art — 60 percent said they feel more motivated, 54 percent more happy and 48 percent more excited when they are inspired.

The Adobe Inspiration Engine is a free Alexa skill download. While the skill is compatible with any Alexa device, the visual inspiration, of course, requires an Alexa device with a screen. The download is now available in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.