Nintendo and Microsoft Take a Shot at Sony With New Cross-Play Promotion

Nintendo and Microsoft joined forces to promote ‘Cross-Play’ between their platforms, while also taking a shot at Sony.

In a rare marketing move, gaming giants Nintendo and Microsoft have joined forces with one another in order to promote ‘Cross-Play’ between the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms.The advertisement was created for the June 21st Minecraft update, which allows the game to be played on the Nintendo Switch with users on PC, smartphones, and the Xbox One, which generated a substantial amount of buzz across the gaming world.

However, the PlayStation 4 was notably left out of the list of included platforms, with Sony famously blocking cross-play opportunities with other companies for a collection of different games.

Most recently, Fortnite: Battle Royale has been at the center of the cross-play dilemma after it was released on the Nintendo Switch in mid-June, and led to PS4 players being barred from using their Epic Games accounts on the system, due to the block.

The Minecraft advertisement released on June 21st features two players taking on the Minecraft world unitedly and ends with a message of, “Create, explore, survive – together. Better Together.”

As of writing, it is still unknown if Sony has any plans to allow cross-play with consoles such as the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

More information on the Minecraft update can be found right here.