Overcoming Micromanagement 101: Strategies, Systems, Solutions

As many business experts know, micromanagement is a behavioral trait that can compromise a company’s level of productivity and power. Yet many well-intending, internally motivated business owners practice this self-defeating behavior regularly. Although defined broadly, micromanagement is essentially the practice of heavily monitoring the actions and attitudes of employees. The term has a negative connotation because the micromanagement process typically engenders strained employer/employee relations while also decreasing employee morale and self-efficacy. Once a business owner recognizes how detrimental micromanagement can be for a company, she or he may want to learn about strategies and solutions that can be used to eliminate this behavior while simultaneously ensuring that the business continues to operate in a highly effective manner. Below you’ll find four strategies that can be utilized to engender this outcome:

1. Focus On Implementing Customized, Ongoing Trainings.

One of the best ways to overcome a proclivity for micromanagement is by implementing customized, ongoing trainings. In many cases, business owners micromanage because they think that their employees lack the skills or knowledge necessary to complete various tasks correctly and quickly. One great way to gain confidence in the staff’s ability to get things done right is by implementing customized, ongoing trainings. These trainings will help your employees remain cognizant of emerging industry trends and new methodologies while simultaneously optimizing their existing skill set. There are now numerous business consulting firms that can put together customized trainings to help employees attain deeper levels of confidence and competence.

2. Utilize Trello.

In many cases, business owners micromanage because they think that the project completion process is unfolding against a backdrop of chaos and confusion. If this is the problem, it is important to note that Trello might be the solution. Trello is a web-based project management resource that enables business owners to utilize lists and cards to organize assignments. The features provided by Trello enable emloyees to keep track of key factors such as how close a project is to completion and which staff members are working on specific tasks.

3. Utilize Time Management Strategies.

One final technique that can be used to reduce the incidence of micromanagement is utilizing time management strategies. These strategies will help the business owner keep track of how the staff’s time is being spent without constantly monitoring their actions and activities. One time management strategy that you may want to utilize is clock in/clock out software that enables you to monitor when your employees come in and leave.

4. Let The Professionals Help You.

One final strategy you can deploy to overcome micromanagement is allowing the professionals to help you. Taking this step can help prevent you from feeling like you have to do everything and continually check on your employees. In the event that you’re looking for assistance with the process of ending contracts that are no longer helping your company grow, know that the professionals of Go Away Timeshare can help you with this.


Business owners who realize that micromanagement is impeding their company’s progress should know that there are things they can do to get the organization back on track. Four strategies that you can utilize to avoid micromanaging while simultaneously growing your business are outlined in this article. Start using them now so you can become a more effective, exemplary boss.