Samsung flexes its 200MP HP1 sensor by printing a cat billboard

Samsung unveiled its 200MP ISCOCELL HP1 camera sensor back in September of last year but we still have not seen a device to feature the massive sensor. That might change come July with an upcoming Motorola phone and Samsung posted a video detailing the sensor’s capabilities.

The goal of the video is to showcase the amount of detail that the HP1 sensor can preserve. While no phone was used to demonstrate the new sensor we did see it hooked up to a Frankenstein rig complete with a test board, external display and additional lens which allowed a group of Samsung engineers to capture some detailed cat pics.

The final 200 MP still was then printed on an industrial printer. The end result? A 28 x 22-meter canvas made up of twelve separate 2.3 meter long pieces that were stitched together and hung from a building. The actual photo was optimized and adjusted by the photographers behind the scene of course. The big takeaway is that you can zoom and crop into images without losing detail.