Top 50 Social Media Blogs You Should Be Following

These Are the 15 Social Media Blogs You Should Be Following in 2020 |

As a social media strategist, you know how important it is to stay on top of events in your industry. You want to be aware of new opportunities in social marketing so you can develop creative and powerful online marketing strategies for your clients. Since it can be difficult to ferret out new content marketing strategies totally on your own, it is often helpful to turn to social media experts. To help narrow your search, here is Kontentino’s list of the best and most valuable blogs about social media:

Social media marketing blogs 1-25

  1. Lilach Bullock: One of the top social media blogs in the UK. Fed up with working all the hours and still not achieving the successes that you are looking for? Let Lilach clear a path through the confusion for you and show you how you can make your business successful online.
  2. HubSpot: They offer a marketing automation software package, and curate an industry social media blog that provides information on social media and content marketing in a way that is informative and sometimes humorous.
  3. Brand24: Brand24 provides instant access to brand mentions across the web, from social networks to influential publishers. Their blog provides insights into finding influencers, using hashtags, and understanding how to advertise on Instagram.
  4. Seriously Social: Seriously Social is a blog by Ian Anderson Gray — international speaker, trainer, teacher, consultant and founder of the Confident Live Marketing Academy. Ian provides his readers with meaningful insights into the world of live video and social media.
  5. G2Crowd: this blog is focused on various topics from productivity and design to technology and marketing. It’s full of insightful articles that every marketer will benefit from.
  6. This platform for every kind of social media marketer helps users create paid and organic posts for all their social networks in one collaborative content calendar. Their “Insights Hub” includes updates on social media predictions and Facebook ad policies for 2019, along with a handy monthly social media calendar.
  7. Social Media Examiner: This is a fun and helpful guide about blogging and social media. Check out their complimentary Social Media Marketing Industry Report and sign up to receive how-to articles, info about social media tools, and research reports.
  8. Social Media Explorer: Prolific site with tons of great posts on the impact social media strategies can have on marketing and public relations. One of the best blogs about social media.
  9. Buffer Social: Social blog with daily content about the latest social media happenings including analysis, lists, tools, and case studies about businesses succeeding with social media.
  10. Social Media Today: Quick hits on industry news with original analysis for busy social media professionals.
  11. Mashable: Although this is not a social media blog, it covers a wide variety of topics.  Mashable does include a good deal of spot-on content about trends in social media marketing.
  12. The Future Buzz: This forward-looking blog by Adam Singer takes an unbiased look at social media marketing. He points out social strategies that are helpful and calls out those that are bad.
  13. RazorSocial: Covers advanced marketing tools, statistics, monitoring and tracking tools, and social media audience insights. See their 2019 list of marketing tools to consider.
  14. Adliweb: Check out their blog for valuable insights on digital marketing. They regularly feature tips and hacks you can use to freshen up your marketing strategy.
  15. Socialnomics: Based on the best-selling book by Erik Qualman, this blog covers statistics, studies, and stories about social, with a sharp eye on making money. See what the Million Dollar Spending Survey reveals about global markets.
  16. Small Business Trends: Check out the Social Media section of this trend-spotting site to find expert social media advice and multimedia content for small businesses.
  17. Revive Social: Interesting selection of WordPress plug-ins, along with a blog that provides useful information on improving a business social media presence.
  18. SocialMedia.Biz: This well known social media marketing blog  is a treasure trove of social media news, insights and guides that is helpful for ramping up your social media game.
  19. TechCrunch: This news site covers topics that range from startups to apps. Their social media category is usually updated several times a day with the latest in social media news.
  20. Web Ink Now: Learn about real-life examples of social media from author, speaker, and marketing strategist, David Meerman Scott. This blog is also straightforward enough to give non-marketing executives a better understanding of successful social media marketing tactics.
  21. Rebekah Radice: Award-winning social media influencer, Rebekah Radice, turns her insights about social media topics into solution-based content. The Brand Authority podcast gets into more detail on some of her blog topics.
  22. The Social Media Hat: This social media blog covers a range of topics including helpful insights on SEO, PPC and email marketing. It also recommends a list of marketing tools, which can be used to apply blog insights to marketing strategies.
  23. The venerable business magazine keeps up with current marketing trends. Its technology category for the blog section applies journalistic standards to an entire social media subcategory.
  24. Jon Loomer: Anyone who wants to know more about how to advertise on Facebook will want to subscribe to this site. Jon’s advanced Facebook marketing topics include training, tutorials and resources to help boost Facebook marketing results.
  25. Peg Fitzpatrick: A highly-regarded social media marketing maven, Peg’s insights about using Instagram Video have been shared on Entrepreneur. She also co-authored a book with Guy Kawasaki, “The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users.”

Social media marketing blogs 26-50

  1. TopRank Online Marketing Blog: Nice blend of search engine and social media marketing information in easily digestible form. Get the latest in their B2B Influencer Marketing Predictions & Trends to Watch in 2019.
  2. DreamGrow: Focuses on social media in the context of content marketing. Good how-to info for becoming better at communicating in the online arena.
  3. Socially Sorted: Learn how to get more results, reach and referrals using shareable content and visual social media strategies from Donna Moritz. Clear insights are offered on this social media marketing blog.
  4. Crello: Graphic design tips, inspiration and ideas. If you like free stuff, you will like this blog. They have an oasis of free stuff for designers.
  5. Gary Vaynerchuck: Well-known marketing whiz Gary Vaynerchuck fills his social media blog with content on using articles, podcasts and videos to build a booming social media presence.
  6. Duct Tape Marketing: Solid insights for small business entrepreneurs who want to learn more about keyword research, blogging and social media.
  7. MOZ: MOZ helps increase online visibility by providing online marketing products and articles. The social media marketing blog category contains info on analytics, metrics, how-to insights, what-ifs, and case studies.
  8. StoryChief: On their blog, they provide readers with everything they would ever need to know regarding content marketing.
  9. The Content Marketing Institute: Because social media and content marketing are so closely interwoven, this site can be a helpful resource for social media marketers.
  10. Convince & Convert: Powerhouse Jay Baer provides actionable information about using social media to improve reach and convert prospects into customers.
  11. Entrepreneur: With an eye towards helping entrepreneurs succeed, these articles focus on accessible social media campaigns, online trends, case studies, behind the scenes secrets, and the latest in social media news.  You can find many other social media blog sites by subscribing on their feed.
  12. Social Media Week: This leading news platform curates the best ideas, insights and innovations into how social media and technology change business and society.
  13. Marketing Land: Provides updates, strategies and hacks for popular social media platforms, as well as how-to guides and statistics.
  14. MarTech Zone: Heaping helpings of content about social media marketing news, products, and best practices.
  15. Search Engine Land: Ties social media tips with search marketing strategies. Check out their 2018 SEO Year in Review.
  16. Adweek: Bringing their first-to-know philosophy from the advertising world, Adweek looks for topical insights into social marketing as well.
  17. Bad Pitch Blog: Learn what not to do by reading about mistakes others have made on social media.
  18. VentureBeat: Although covering a lot of technical news, the blog also has a strong section on social media news to keep marketers up-to-date with happenings at the social media networks.
  19. Maximize Social Business: Voluminous resources to aid in sales, marketing and branding on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  20. SociableBlog: Multi-author blog about social media and social networking that includes news on expanding a professional network, updates on social media platforms, and ways to connect with a social audience.
  21. Social Media Club: Social media community with the purpose of promoting digital literacy and sharing best practices. This is a unique social media blog to follow because they discuss basic best practices.
  22. Kissmetrics: From Neil Patel, this is a good resource for the technical side of social media with a plethora of numbers, guides, graphs, tutorials, charts, and infographics.
  23. Digimind: Global social media news and insights.
  24. Search Engine Journal: The social media section details the latest trends and shows how social media can be used to improve business marketing campaigns.
  25. Quintly: This is geared towards a professional social media analytics slant to help measure Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn and Instagram marketing. Check out the Instagram Study wherein they analyzed 9 million posts!

Bonus social media blog

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention our very own social media blog at Kontentino in our list of top social media sites! We’ve got plenty of insights for the content marketing strategists at social media agencies around the world to use to boost their social success. Check out one of our latest pieces, “The Ultimate List of Social Media Trends for 2019”.