Taron Egerton’s Stylist Used Elton John as Inspiration on Press Tour

Taron Egerton Fashion

Showstopping looks: For Taron Egerton’s “Rocketman” tour, stylist Gareth Scourfield nodded to Elton John’s iconic wardrobe with bold colors, patterns and silhouettes: “We got a bit more eccentric.”

May 16

“Elton is the real original showman,” says Scourfield, who met Egerton through another client, Egerton’s “Rocketman” co-star Richard Madden. “Part of Taron as a man — and this is why [he] and Elton got on so brilliantly — he has a flamboyant side. So he’s like, ‘I want to bring some of that character into the outfits and nod to the film and the man I played.’” This floral-print Etro suit Egerton picked for his Cannes photocall was a hit. That he matched John was coincidence: “No one knows what Elton’s wearing — he doesn’t, until 20 minutes before he leaves. It was just ironic that he picked up the blue in the Gucci outfit Elton wore.”

May 16                                               

“We decided to go pretty classic Hollywood with the Tom Ford silver velvet tux in the evening for the red carpet,” says Scourfield of “Rocketman’s” Cannes debut. “That just felt totally appropriate for the moment. … That richness of the silver velvet added another dimension, and it wasn’t so traditional.” The jewel-toned formal look, complete with cummerbund, also proved to be functional. “You have to sit through the theater in it, and then he performed with Elton afterwards, and then there was the whole party. He was in it for some time, so it had to work really well, and it performed great on the night and he loved it.”

May 20

For the film’s U.K. bow, Egerton wore a Franck Muller watch previously owned by John that was given to him by “Rocketman” producer Matthew Vaughn. “That had a sentimental value, so he wanted to bring that into the outfit,” says Scourfield. “It had a very significant orange face, so we went for a dark chocolate brown suit, which had this herringbone blue pattern.” The cut of the custom Etro suit referenced John: “That had a very ’70s silhouette to it, and we picked up little details like the blue-jeweled buttons right down to the Tricker’s boots. But it was the silhouette — the big lapels, the slightly-baggy pleated trousers — that nod back to Elton in the ’70s.”

May 29

Scourfield wanted Egerton to do something special for the film’s final premiere in New York. “And he said, ‘You know what? The jacket in the film that Julian Day, the brilliant costume designer did, I fell in love with,’” Scourfield recalls. Paramount allowed them to borrow the denim jacket with patches, modeled after one John had worn. To make it feel “very London and almost Carnaby Street-esque,” they added a white T-shirt, Armani pleated trousers and Dr. Martens boots. Going forward, Scourfield will showcase Egerton’s maturity through his clothes. “He’s going to hit his 30s. … It’s going to be a quite grown-up, sophisticated approach.”