Tips On Protecting Yourself From Arc Flashes

There are many instances of arc flashing being deadly. A sudden explosion can make the immediate environment explode with such fury and anger that a sizeable portion of the vicinity is wiped out. Thus, special care needs to be taken when dealing with these welding dangers. Here are some of the best ways that you can protect yourself from becoming a fatality when dealing with arc welding.

The easiest way to protect against the dangers of arc flashes is to wear protective clothing. In the field, this is known as PPE, or personal protective equipment. Make sure that the clothing is sized to the specific risk level of the switchgear. Even though this is clearly spelled out within the United States Electrical Code, it is ignored in many geographies. This is incredibly unfortunate as it can lead to tragic disasters if the requirements are not followed and an accident occurs.

Another easy method of arc flash protection is to contain the arc flash itself. The switchgear can be tested via International Electrical Code 60298. This code has the exact specifications for protecting yourself from the dangers of arcing. The only issue which can come into play is if the switchbox is left open, which unfortunately is a necessity during maintenance periods.

A high-tech method for arc flash protection is to institute an optical arc protection device. This works by optically sensing an arc in its very early stages and implementing the protective mechanism before the arc has a chance to fully form.

As you can see, there are a few different easy yet highly effective methods to both containing arcs and protecting yourself from them if they do happen to appear. These are the best ways to make sure you come home safe and sound.