Google search now has card-based suggestions for all the best recipes

It seems Google search is getting smarter and smarter; it certainly is getting more convenient for mobile devices. Ever since Google introduced its card-based UI, things look more organized and are easier to spot. And the search giant is bringing a slew of recipes in that format. Now when you search on the Google app for a particular recipe, “you’ll see a carousel of tappable suggestions to make sure you catch the best recipe.”

For instance, if you type in “Chicken wing recipes,” not only will Google gather various recipes from the web with scrumptious pictures, it will also give you suggestions for more specific types such as “Buffalo,” “Honey,” “Spicy,” or “Slow cooker.” If you tap on one of those keywords, Google will show you a list of cards, each from a different website, along with a preview of ingredients, reviews, calories, and how long it’d take to cook. Pretty neat, eh?

Google will show you a list of cards, each from a different website, along with a preview of ingredients, reviews, calories, and how long it’d take to cook.

So whether you are preparing for a party, in need of some inspiration, or just salivating at 2AM looking for some food porn, Google wants to be the place to go to for easy step-by-step recipes. If you haven’t done so already, give it a try – ranging from simple appetizers to full-blown Korean dishes, it should have a thing or two that pleases you.


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OnePlus3T Silent

The OnePlus 3T has pretty much succeeded in taking over from its older brother, the OnePlus 3. Unfortunately, like every other smartphone on the market, these two devices have not been immune to software or hardware problems. Here we look at some of the main issues that have plagued the OnePlus 3T, and give you the details on the available solutions (at least when there are available solutions!).

Deactivating GPS and rotation

Every time you activate the power saving mode on the OnePlus 3T, your GPS and rotation mode are immediately disabled. This is a problem, and sadly there are currently no solutions which will resolve the issue. For the moment, the only thing you can do is reactivate these options manually after they have been disabled.

Play Store

Have you tried to download an app whilst roaming only to find it doesn’t work? OnePlus is aware of the problem, and claims that you can resolve this by following these instructions on Google Play Help and/or activating the power saving mode and resetting the Play Store options.

There is a chance that AVG AntiVirus, Paytm or Truecaller apps may block the download. You can get around this by disabling them before you download.

Contact display

Looking to call one of your contacts and noticed they are listed twice in your list? This is a known bug that (for the moment) has no solution.

Vibrate mode

Some users have been having some issues activating the vibrate mode on their devices. No need to panic, OnePlus hasn’t removed this function but it is not particularly easy to find on Android Nougat.

When you switch to silent (with the notifications button), a notifications window appears at the top. On the end of the right hand-side you’ll see the settings gear icon; press on this and you will be given other options. Select the “Enable vibration” option and your worries will be over.


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Vivino ceases all app improvement on home windows platform


Vivino is a have to-have app for any wine gourmand that allows you to take a photograph of a bottle to receive pricing, rankings or even food pairing hints. The app itself has been round for a while, however regrettably it appears as although the Vivino improvement team has opted to halt work on the home windows platform.

the subsequent message changed into acquired through a reader while inquiring about the popularity of development:

unfortunately, we’ve got ceased development and aid for the app at the windows platform. The model located on the Microsoft keep is outdated. It seems, that the traction we’ve got seen from the platform does not justify the development attempt. In essence, we sense that a native app would not be capable of supply the pleasant revel in to our users. We know it‘s no longer a great deal help, but at least an explanation from our facet. Your wines and different data isn’t lost when you consider that you can access those through our internet site”

it’s a shame that Vivino has determined not to preserve improvement efforts due to sluggish traction on the platform. whilst the official app remains available for home windows telephone, we’d advocate in opposition to the usage of an old app. there is, however, usually the authentic internet site.

All The Social Ladies Podcast: Nizzi Renaud

All The Social Ladies Podcast: Nizzi Renaud | Social Media Today

Sometimes the world connects you in the most mysterious ways.

When I went to interview Nizzi Renaud, the Chief Marketing Officer of Zazzle, I didn’t realize that we went to school together and graduated in the exact same year. Worlds definitely do collide.

I loved listening to Nizzi’s story: She’s been at some of the most successful startups in the world and is currently leading the marketing charge over at Zazzle, where she’s taken the marketplace ecosystem to new heights. Take a listen to her story, and hear what she’s been able to accomplish – you’ll be just as impressed as I was.



  • The Story of Nizzi’s Career
  • How Zazzle Uses Social Media
  • What Demonstrates Success for Zazzle on Social Media


What is Zazzle, and what makes it different?

“Zazzle is an e-commerce marketplace, a technology company, and an ecosystem. Like any good marketplace and ecosystem, there are a few different ways to interact with us; but at our core we’re about the concept of customization and making products on demand.

We have more than 300 different products on our site that customers can personalize. It’s a place where designers can come and make a living by selling their designs on these custom products. Makers, manufacturers, and brands can also sell custom goods with us. A large proportion of those products are manufactured right here in the U.S, which is an unusual and unique thing. We’re in 16 domains and have approximately 30 million monthly visitors.”

How important is social media in Zazzle’s marketing plan?

“For us, social media grows in significance and importance every day. Right now, it best serves us as an engagement vehicle for customers and designers.

We’re investing heavily in user-generated content because it’s at the heart of what we stand for – customization. People reach out to us daily on social media with questions; it’s been critical in our ongoing daily dialogue with customers.

It also plays a role for us in terms of advertising across different platforms. Our social media employees sit with our merchandising team so they can provide direct feedback on current trends. This allows us to quickly adjust.”


  • “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain
  • “Listening is a key part of our strategy. We look at what’s out there and the trends that are happening, so we can directly link it back to what we’re doing.”
  • “I can’t recommend enough starting your career with an agency or management consulting company. The discipline, work ethic, and exposure to multiple industries is a great training ground.”



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The all new Twitter experience, handcrafted for Windows 10

Connect with people, express yourself, and discover more about the things you love with the Twitter app for Windows 10. Twitter for Windows 10 is a Universal Windows App that features a new media rich timeline and shows you photos and Vine videos. You can also see tweets in Live Tiles right from your Start menu.

Twitter image 1

Free to download from the Windows Store, the new and improved Twitter app for Windows 10 sports a cleaner, more potent perch for sharing and following along. See it quicker with a media forward timeline. Share photos privately and upload multiple photos straight from a timeline. And see what’s happening now on Twitter without being logged in. Get the most interesting Tweets from the day optimized for your location even when logged out, a Windows 10 first!

Screenshot (11)

Be part of the conversation like never before with Twitter for Windows 10, download it for free today! You can also read the news Twitter shared on their blog last week.


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