6 Landing Page Mistakes You Want to Avoid at Any Cost

6 Landing Page Mistakes You Want to Avoid at Any Cost | Social Media Today

If you’re doing your marketing right, visitors will be coming to your landing page in droves. Your landing page is crucial. It’s often the first real encounter people might have with your brand. That first experience is what they’re going to talk about on social media, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

But a good landing page isn’t just about impressing visitors and preparing them for conversion. It’s also a crucial part of PPC and SEO success. A great landing page that converts often leads to higher rankings and lower ad spend. A bad one can threaten your entire AdWords account and get your site yanked from the listings due to a dreaded Google suspension.

We want to help you ensure your pages are up to snuff. Here are some things you should be checking:


Page speed is more important on landing pages than anything else. When someone clicks an ad they are primed to convert, but you have a very small window. Your pages should load within 1-3 seconds of a click. 4 is borderline. Any longer than that and they’ll bounce off to another page that can serve them faster. Use Google’s page speed checking tools to see if you’re fast enough.


Once they land, they need to be presented with a single clear call-to-action and how to follow it. Present your offer and what they need to do to get it. If they can’t understand what you want and what they’ll get immediately, they’ll leave your page behind.


Cluttered and unclear landing pages do your visitor no favors. Don’t put up links to other offers or stuff your page too full of branding and other marketing material. The landing page has one job – generating leads. Keep it sharp and simple.


Great landing pages deliver their message this way:

  • This is my product and business
  • Here is what you can receive and the benefits you’ll get
  • To receive it, follow these instructions
  • Here is some proof that the results will be as advertised.

Social proof, in the form of reviews and testimonials, is essential. Few people are willing to trust an ad on the first impression. They want to see that others have gone through the process and got what they were promised. Don’t neglect this.


Whatever your CTA is, you have to make sure that the action leads to the expected result. Forms should be clear and functional. Download links must work every time. Purchases must go through. Violating trust after someone completes a CTA is a road to ruin.


What if they don’t convert on your first offer? Don’t let them get away without offering something else, like a newsletter sign-up. However, don’t be too pushy with your tactics and make sure that they don’t violate Google policy – trapping people on your website with fancy Javascript is a good way to get banned. One way you could lead them further is offering a “thanks, but no thanks” button on your first offer that goes to a new landing page.

Your landing page is the linchpin between a curious visitor and a converted customer. Make sure the quality of your landing pages are as good as you’re able to make them. Take these tips to heart.



[Source:- Socialmediatoday]