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Why India shuts down the internet more than any other democracy

As protests over a controversial citizenship law rage across India, authorities resorted to shutting down the internet in cities where demonstrators flooded

What to Do If Inspiration Is Lacking

Ever find yourself needing the inspiration to create an image, but you just can muster up any from anywhere? It happens to

Apple’s new parental controls on iOS can be bypassed

On Tuesday, Apple released iOS 13.3, and one of its key new features was Communication Limits, which lets parents set limits on

Apple Card users can now buy an iPhone in installments with no interest

Starting on Tuesday, people who have an Apple Card can buy an iPhone in 24 monthly installments without paying interest. Under the program, monthly payments

GTA 5 changed gaming and you barely noticed

It’s a safe bet you’ve heard of Grand Theft Auto 5. Even people who can’t tell the difference between an Xbox and

Finding Inspiration In The Day-To-Day: 15 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success

Most professionals talk about being inspired, but when you get right down to it, most of them aren’t. The world around them

Apple blocks downgrades to iOS version 13.2.2 as updates continue to fix bugs

Apple last months rolled out iOS version 13.2.3 to its iPhones. The update fixed a number of issues with the system search

Apple Might Launch 4 — Not 3 — New iPhones in 2020

Expectations are already high for Apple‘s (NASDAQ:AAPL) 2020 iPhone lineup, with the Mac maker widely expected to add 5G support to its handsets after securing

Apple’s iPad Pro, MacBook Pro With mini-LED displays likely to arrive in 2020

The year 2020 is likely to be a year of major changes for Apple. If reports are to be believed Apple is

Cyber Monday smartphone deals are here: iPhone, Android, Samsung

Unless you’ve upgraded your phone since the new iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or Google Pixel came out in August or September 2019, you likely have a new