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The best Windows 10 deals in August 2016

Windows 10 is free for anyone who wants to upgrade an existing PC or laptop from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Simply

Microsoft just made Windows 10 more secure

Windows 10 is making considerable efforts to tighten up on the security front, and Microsoft has just announced changes to how it

Sun shades of Superfish: Lenovo begs customers to uninstall its very own software program because of big protection flaws

closing year, protection researchers observed Lenovo changed into shipping laptops with the worst protection flaw because the notorious Sony rootkit debacle of

Samsung Galaxy notice 7 can also debut a vastly overhauled interface

It’s been a couple of years given that Samsung overhauled its custom Android pores and skin, TouchWiz, but a brand new video

Unix aliases for excellent and evil

The entire point of Unix aliases is to assist you to kind much less, make fewer mistakes, and no longer have quite

Why Microsoft is waving the magic Wand

Clean off the information that Microsoft is purchasing LinkedIn for $26.2B, the famed Redmond monolith has introduced they are additionally snapping up

Apple tries to stymie malware with adjustments to macOS Sierra’s Gatekeeper

Apple will similarly lock down what apps can be run on Macs whilst it releases macOS Sierra this fall, in step with

First look: every week with macOS Sierra

I’ve been fortunate enough to use the developer beta of macOS Sierra 10.12 built-in view that quickly after it was added at

Opera rebuts Microsoft claim that part eats much less electricity

Opera software nowadays disputed Microsoft’s claim that facet, the default browser bundled with windows 10, consumes less energy on a pc than

Microsoft’s focus on Windows 10 upgrades is a mistake

Microsoft made a mistake at its recent developers conference when it didn’t use the opportunity to push customers to buy new hardware,