Everyday Uses of the Wheel and Axle

One thing that is often true about life is that people like to make things easier on themselves. One of the most helpful inventions to facilitate this is the wheel. Actually, the wheel and axle together make so many things possible. Here are a few thoughts about how these items help people move things around.

Moving Heavy Items

Whether you work in an industrial setting or just need to get a new refrigerator, you can be grateful to have a dolly that helps you leverage the weight of a large item. Can you imagine trying to get a new fridge in through the door without one? Heavy items can be much easier to move with the leverage provided with a dolly that uses industrial steel caster wheels.


You may not think a wheel has anything to do with cooking, but have you ever made sugar cookies? Chances are that you used either a hand or motorized beater to blend the eggs and the dough and a rolling pin to smooth out the dough so you could help your kids cut out fun shapes for the cookies.

Getting Where You Need To Go

People use a variety of wheels to get where they want to be, whether it is by skateboard, bicycle or automobile. Using wheels helps things go more quickly and more smoothly. In addition to the visible wheels in many of these people-moving machines, there are wheels within the motors of most of them that help them move the whole machine faster.

Keeping You Cool

When it’s hot, you may want to cool down. Turning on the ceiling fan or another type of fan can get the air moving quickly and provide relief. This is just one more example of how items that use wheels and axles can make life more pleasant.

Next time you look around you, try to identify things with wheels and axles that help make your life easier. You may just be surprised at how many there are.