Microsoft Outlook on Android updated with Android Wear support

Google’s Android Wear is the company’s wearable platform that’s supported by a wide range of manufacturers and devices. Essentially, Android Wear is the direct competitor to Apple’s Watch, or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that Apple’s Watch is the direct competitor to Android Wear, which actually came first. In any event, Microsoft has updated Outlook for Android with enhanced Android Wear support, making the company’s cross-platform support even better on Google’s platform.

Here’s the changelog straight from the horse’s mouth:


This week, we’re bringing the best of Outlook to Android Wear. Stop reaching out for your phone; everything is now happening on your watch.

Check your Outlook notifications, read your new emails and reply with pre-set messages or voice dictation right from your wrist. It’s never been that easy to manage your inbox.

So, if you’re using Microsoft’s email and calendar solution fo Android along with a Google Wear device, then you’ll be able to marry to two and enjoy the benefits of both. If you’re not using Outlook for Android and want to give it a try, you can download it from the link below.


[Source:- Winbeta]