Sass with Radhika Vaz, inspiration with Sumeet Vyas: this week’s #BrunchWTF

Here’s how you can spend your weekend on the Internet

Sumeet Vyas aka the goofy Mikesh from Permanent Roommates gave an insight into how he ‘rewired’ his life and decided where his passion lies – acting. Watch this to inspire yourself a little this weekend!


Want some advice on self-love? Author Horacio Jones’ (@horaciojones) has something for everyone so whether it’s break-up, anxiety, or just self-doubt, you can follow this one for some good words.

Feminism, politics, or just general banter, Radhika Vaz (@Radvaz) is a woman who speaks her mind, and hilariously so. Follow her for just her metaphors, if not anything else.