Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake Shows Off First Gameplay

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Just weeks after the fan collective Apeiron announced that aStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake is underway, gameplay footage of the project surfaces on YouTube.

The gaming world was sent into a state of frenzy a few months ago when rumors surfaced that aStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake may be in the works. That rumor turned out to be false, but when fan effort known as Apeiron stepped forward and announced their own remake just a few weeks ago, a new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic may actually soon be a reality. And based on some in-game footage that’s recently been released, it looks like the Apeiron team are putting together something special so far.

After being given the greenlight from Apeiron, YouTuber MrMattyPlays was the first to show some gameplay footage from the Knights of the Old Republic remake, and his four minute video reveals some very interesting details about the upcoming game. It must be noted that the gameplay footage was taken from a very early pre-alpha build of the game, so it appears that it will be some time before development of the remake will be complete.

One big takeaway from the footage is that it is in first-person rather than the third-person perspective from the original Knights of the Old Republic. Granted that this won’t be the first instance of a Star Wars FPS game, but it is an interesting development direction that Apeiron is going in. The video then shows off some very impressive reinterpretations of four Knights of the Old Republic levels: Lower City Taris, Upper City Taris, Endar Spire, and Anchorhead on Tattooine.

The footage doesn’t have much in the way of combat or gameplay, and is more of a tech demo for what the final game may look like, but the work Apeiron has done so far is incredibly impressive. For those wanting to see the Knights of the Old Republic remake gameplay footage themselves, check it out here.

While this is all impressive work from the Apeiron team, the biggest issue that may cripple the project is Disney. Regardless of where fan allegiances may lie, Star Wars is still the intellectual property of Disney, and the multimedia giant may not be too keen on seeing a high-quality project like this competing with some of their own games –  just ask the creators behind the recently-canceled Metal Gear Solid remake.

Remaking one of the best Star Wars games ever is a tall task, but based on what’s been revealed, it looks like Apeiron is doing an admirable job so far. Let’s just hope that the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake may actually see the light of day rather than being shuffled off to the cancelled video game graveyard.

[Source:- Gamerant]