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Bungie has pulled off a rare feat in gaming: It has successfully turned its biggest franchise into appointment gaming. Hardcore Destiny 2 fans know

First Iron Banner of Destiny: Rise of Iron Begins Next Week

After a long break, Iron Banner returns to Destiny next Tuesday bringing new weapons and armor for players to earn as well

Destiny Reveals New Rise of Iron Legendary & Exotic Weapons

New screenshots show legendary and exotic weapons that are coming to Destiny in Rise of Iron, including new sets for the Vanguard,

Destiny: Rise of Iron Will Make Iron Banner Event More Rewarding

New details emerge for Iron Banner and how the event is getting reinvented to be more rewarding for players once Destiny: Rise

Destiny April Update: Everything You Need to Know

The Destiny April Update has now gone live. What’s the best way to prepare? How big is the update? What’s the first thing

Destiny: Bungie Reveals the Queen of the Reef’s Fate

Is Destiny‘s Mara Sov, Queen of the Reef dead or alive? Bungie reveals the character’s fate and teases the past version of