The Division: ‘Loot Cave’ Found for Farming Phoenix Credits & Gear

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While gamers are less likely to compare The Division with Destiny now that they’ve had time with both games, it’s hard to overlook the similarities between the two. In fact, when it comes to looter shooters, there are certain analogues that gamers try to make between titles like Destiny and The Division, if only because Bungie’s game was many players’ first experience with an online RPG loot-focused shooter.

As far as those similarities are concerned, some Division players have just found the mother load: a new loot cave. Yes, The Division might not have any caves to speak of, but the goal is still the same: farm enemies, collect endless loot, and repeat.

Truth be told, there are actual several loot caves scattered throughout the landscape of New York City post-outbreak, but the most efficient grinding spot is in the Northwest part of the map, right next to the Autumn’s Hope safe house. What players will want to do is spawn into the safe house, which can be found in the top left of the map, somewhat close to the Dark Zone. From there they will head outside, make a left at the first street, and head forward. Somewhere at the end of that street should be a mob of enemies, with one named boss in the group.

That boss is key to the farming, and should be the only target on player’s mind. It’s important not to kill the entire mob because then the process can’t be repeated.

As with any named boss, killing this guy will net players two Superior items and anywhere between 1-4 Phoenix Credits. Then, simply let the remaining enemies take you out, or do the work yourself with a grenade or sticky bomb. Upon respawn you should be back in the safe house and the enemies (including the boss) should respawn as well.

For a video version of the loop, see below:

Now, before Division players head straight to Autumn’s Hope, we should point out a few things. If the boss is not appearing for you, it could be because of a few reasons, some of which can be fixed.

If you’re not level 30 then there’s no point in looking for the boss, so wait until you hit that point. You will want the boss to drop level 30+ gear anyway, so there’s no point in farming him until the game.

Secondly, if at any point you happened across this boss and killed both him and his goons, he will not respawn. The only way to gain access to him after that is to join a friend’s world instance where he is not dead or matchmake with a teammate who has yet to kill the boss. Once in a world state where the boss is not dead, you can have the group leader kick you from the group and still have access to the boss as long as you don’t log out. However, the boss will not respawn in your world at all, so make sure the group leader kicks you instead of leaving the group.

Also, if you feel confident that you did not kill the boss then it’s possible to trigger his spawn by completing all of the mission’s near the Autumn’s Hope safe house. Some report that the boss and his mob will appear once the area is clear.

Division Phoenix Credit Nerf

Although the Autumn’s Hope farming spot is not the only one on the map, it is by far the most efficient. The distance between the respawn point and the boss keeps travel time to a minimum and the enemies are in that middle ground where they are strong enough to take out the player but not before the boss falls first. However, if you are having trouble, it may be because there are other players in your group, which increases enemy health and damage.

Those who are curious to check out the farming spot are recommended to do so sooner rather than later. There has been no official word from Ubisoft on the “loot cave” but the community managers who stream on Twitch acknowledged the farming spot and said they will “address” it soon, perhaps in next week’s update. Happy looting!

[Source:- Gamerant]