Top Priority Bakery Equipment

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Whether you are opening a brand new bakery for the first time or upgrading your current business operation, you should always have a set of goals in place when it comes to what you want to have working for you. Even the smallest bakeries need to work their way up to industrial equipment if they want to meet high volume demands as the business grows. If you are choosing what items to prioritize when making new equipment purchases, here are some helpful ideas.

Oven With Proofing

Unsurprisingly, an oven is the most important piece of equipment in a bakery. For the perfect upgrade, add an oven that has a separate proofing area to your kitchen. Proofing is such an important process and it is much more efficient and productive to have a separate space specifically for proofing that will get it right every time.

Display Cases

Though it may not sound like industrial-grade equipment, an attractive and high-quality display case is a critical factor in boosting sales. You can draw customers in with well-organized displays that demonstrate a wide array of product offerings and the ability to create delicacies with consistency and symmetry. Enjoying pastries and baked goods is a multisensory experience that starts with vision.

A Ribbon Mixer

Possibly one of the most heavy-duty pieces of equipment you’ll want to add is a ribbon mixer. It will allow you to mix dry ingredients quickly, thoroughly, and in large batches. This machine will also allow you to produce boxed dry mixes of customer favorites. This will help you grow even more as your signature recipes for cakes, cookies, and more can be shared far and wide with reliability and uniformity.

A few advancements with equipment can make a significant difference in your baked goods business. The next time you make a new purchase for your bakery, make sure your choices will make a big impact on your growth.