Trending This Week: Ivy Park (Oh Bey, Bey), the Pavlof Volcano, Microsoft Build

Trending This Week: Ivy Park (Oh Bey, Bey), the Pavlof Volcano, Microsoft Build | Social Media Today

No April fools here. Oh, no. Instead we’ll just recall some of the most poignant social conversations from the past week. Additionally, as a small favor, we’ll omit any political discussions that I believe we’re all getting real tired of hearing about constantly.


The Alaskan volcano known as Pavlof erupted over the weekend spewing ash thousands and thousands of feet into the air – much to the chagrin of some travelers. The eruption is said to be the largest since 2009, and social media only mimicked the volcano itself.

The volcano registered nearly 22,000 mentions, with the conversation peaking Monday (over 7,100 mentions) as global news organizations reported on the story.

Sentiment was extremely close to 50/50 within sentiment-categorized mentions, but the conversation turned slightly positive at 53% of mentions. Positive mentions consisted of people enamored with the science behind the eruption.

That’s right. Nothing like a volcanic eruption to get the science conversation flowing. The hashtag #Science appeared organically in this conversation and garnered over 500,000 impressions.

As the week has progressed, Pavlof has settled and so has its corresponding discussion.


This week marked Microsoft’s turn to take to the stage and showcase their latest product launches and updates at their annual Microsoft Build event, and it gained over 163,000 online mentions.

Among the most discussed products and integrations, HoloLens and Windows 10 claimed the two most talked about products with over 11,600 and 9,600 mentions respectively. Other products received:

  • Bash – nearly 9,000 mentions
  • Cortana – over 4,600 mentions
  • Xbox One – over 3,700 mentions.


You can see each product had its moment in the spotlight during the keynote presentation, but HoloLens had the largest mention spike in the entire Microsoft Build conversation. In one minute, HoloLens’ mentions peaked at nearly 300 mentions.

Every product was discussed positively within sentiment-categorized mentions, but the least positive conversation belonged to Bash with only 77.3% of categorized mentions being positive.

Cortana had the most positive conversation with 96.8% of categorized mentions being positive. Besides Bash, every product had a positive sentiment well over 90%.

It will be interesting to see how each product’s conversation changes over time as the public gets to use them.

Social Likes Drake’s Controlla more than These Days

Apparently not all Views From The 6 are the same as social media has weighed in on the two tracks Drake dropped Tuesday. Social has “Controlla” as the prefered track over “These Days” with the former beating the latter in both mention volume and sentiment.

“Controlla” has been mentioned over 24,600 times, while “These Days” has only been mentioned nearly 18,000 times.

“Controlla” is also being talked about more positively as 64.9% of sentiment-categorized mentions are positive. “These Days” is still being talked about positively, but only at a 57.7% rate within categorized mentions.

Regardless, the internet starts talking whenever Drake is involved. What more would you expect from the Canadian poet who gave us YOLO?


The seventh season premiere of the FX series, Archer, ran on Thursday night, and with nearly 19,000 mentions the cult-like audience was buzzing. Archer fans showed their love with the conversation being 88.9% positive, but the real story is how one brand found their own in the discussion.

With 71% of all unique authors being male, frozen pizza-roll pusher Totinos thought this conversation would be a good place to spend some of their ad budget, and to a successful end.

Totinos had the second most mentioned Twitter handle in the entire Archer conversation, second to only the show’s handle itself.

The beloved pizza roll brand also boasted the conversation’s top tweet. The tweet below was retweeted nearly 800 times for over 500,000 impressions.


And that wasn’t the only tweet. Totinos published another tweet in the same fashion that resulted in an additional near 200 retweets for around 250,000 impressions.

These tweets outperformed some of the tweets from the show’s cast members.


If you haven’t heard the loud scream on social around Beyonce’s athletic apparel label called “Ivy Park” – get ready. Just the day after the brand’s official Twitter handle sent its first tweet, Ivy Park has already been mentioned nearly 100,000 times online, and that figure is growing.

With 73.2% of all sentiment-categorized mentions being positive, Ivy Park is having a successful, social launch.

The conversation is being largely driven by women with 69% of all unique authors being female.

Apart from Ivy Park itself, Beyonce is – unsurprisingly – the other star of this conversation. Her fandom, identified using the hashtag #BeyHive, have found their way into this conversation’s most used.

#BeyHive accumulated nearly 10 million impressions.

It’s easy to see that this new line is being talked about globally, but that’s the power of Bey.

[Source:- Socialmediatoday]