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  • Gaming
    First Iron Banner of Destiny: Rise of Iron Begins Next Week

    After a long break, Iron Banner returns to Destiny next Tuesday bringing new weapons and armor for players to earn as well as changes to the way the PvP event works. Destiny: Rise of Iron is practically themed around Iron Banner. Its story focuses on the Iron Lords, its main quest giver is Lord Saladin, […]

  • Windows
    Check out the cars included in the Forza Horizon 3 All-Stars Car Pack

    Earlier this week, open-world racing game Forza Horizon 3 was the latest first-partyXbox Play Anywhere title to be released on both the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. The game received widespread critical acclaim and was especially praised for its fun gameplay, beautiful rendition of the Australian environments and extensive collection of cars. If you […]

  • Android
    Unity introduces its Vulkan renderer for Android

    The Vulkan API is promising exciting new things for mobile gaming and 3D application development, and today the company behind the popular Unity engine has announced that its Vulkan Renderer Preview is now live for developers to test out. The benefits brought about with the introduction of Vulkan are a major speed boost, improved multithreading, and […]

  • Web Design
    LinkedIn announces a new online platform

    Hot on the heels of the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft this year and the redesign of the company’s iOS and Android apps last year, LinkedIn will be debuting a new desktop experience. In a recent press event, the company also unveiled LinkedIn Learning, a platform designed to help its users discover and develop various […]

  • Web Design
    ClickSend boost the marketing possibilities for your business

    ClickSend are well known for their online SMS capabilities, and have now expanded their service by adding a heap of new products including MMS, Email, Voice, Fax, and even physical Post, to anywhere in the world. ClickSend has been operating since 2006 and now have thousands of customers worldwide, including some pretty big name clients: […]

  • Windows
    Microsoft engineer Paul Barr does a deep dive into Surface Hub development and functionality

    Microsoft Ignite has brought a number of important and fascinating updates, primarily around the company’s enterprise-oriented cloud services solutions but with a smattering of other topics thrown in. For example, we have our best glimpse yet atwhat’s coming in Windows 10 Mobile while also gaining more evidence that Microsoft has absolutely no plans to fuss […]

  • Android
    Third party speakers may help Google Home take on Amazon Echo

    As we gear up to Google’s launch event in San Francisco next week, eyes are not only on the company’s new line-up of Pixel phones, but also on the extended range of smart home accessories expected to be on display. Google Home, a WiFi-connected smart speaker, could turn out to be one of the more […]

  • Gaming
    New Skins and Accessories Available for Steam Hardware

    Valve introduces new skins that will help its players customize their Steam Link and Steam controllers with various Valve properties’ logos and color schemes. Valve has always been a bit of an oddity in the gaming world, going about its business with its customary flair and lack of concern over critics like it was the […]

  • Web Design
    Free download: Weem handwriting font

    Serious in intent, legible, playful in style. When designing a font, it can be tough to nail an aesthetic that embodies all three of those things. Well, Gatis Vilaks and Evita Vilaka did it when they created Weem, a free handwriting font for all of your headline and block-of-text needs. It has that sketchy style […]