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At least six dead in Florida university bridge collapse

At least six people have been killed and nine others hurt after a footbridge collapsed near Florida International University in Miami. Police

Marketing firm SintechMedia is promising to build an ‘operating system’ for the future of media buying and selling

Lorne Brown, Operative CEO. The marketing tech company SintechMedia – rebranding itself as Operative – is promising media companies it can help them compete

Friday briefing: Flake news! Russia spawns ‘beast from the east’

Top story: Get ready for -8C as snowy weather hits Hello, I’m Warren Murray and this is what we’re looking at. A

4 Types of Rummy and its Classification

Rummy is a very common name for an Indian family. Also, popular and widely played across the world, the basic techniques involves

Disha Patani blasts news channel for calling her ugly

isha Patani is known for sharing her stunning and sensuous photos on Instagram and Twitter. The actress has scorched screens with her

Smartron P Review

HIGHLIGHTS Smartron P is priced at Rs 7,999 It is powered by a Snapdragon 435 processor and has 3GB of RAM

Toronto family apologises for bogus hijab attack claim

The family of a schoolgirl who made up a story about an attack on her hijab has issued an apology “to every

North Korean phone users get photo beauty app

A new mobile phone app developed in North Korea allows its users to experiment with new looks. While such photo manipulation apps

Regular Cycling May Not Have A Negative Impact On Male Sexual Health: Study

Challenging previous studies that claimed cycling could take a toll on the sexual health of men, a new study has said that

Goqii Announces New Tracker, Family Plan for Its Subscription Service

HIGHLIGHTS Goqii is a ‘preventive healthcare’ platform It now lets you add four family members to your account It costs Rs. 4,999