Apple will sell its Nike Sport Loop Apple Watch band separately for the first time

It’s spring, and Apple has new Apple Watch bands for us. I’m excited to think about pastels while it actively blizzards outside my apartment. All the bands look a little happier and are presumably supposed to represent our new sunny demeanors. Here are some images of the bands, which include updates to the company’s Hermès line, its Nike line, and the regular Apple Watch bands. I’m not changing the color names because whatever, Apple can rename yellow to “lemonade.”

Here’s an update to Apple Watch Hermès:

Image: Apple

The Hermès Single Tour Rallye and Double Tour bands now have contrasting paint details.

This is one new color of the Nike Sport Loop, which is now being sold separately:

Image: Apple

The Nike Sport Loop will be available in a black / pure platinum combo, bright crimson / black, cargo khaki, midnight fog, and pearl pink. There’s also the Nike Sport Band (which has more of an athletic look and is probably what you picture when you think of the Nike Apple Watch), which will now be available in a barely rose / pearl pink combo, black / white, and cargo khaki / black.

And finally, here’s one of the new, regular Apple Watch bands.

Image: Apple

So spring, yes. The Sport Band is available in denim blue, lemonade, and red raspberry. The Woven Nylon Band is available in black stripe, blue stripe, gray stripe, and pink stripe. The Sport Loop is available in flash light, hot pink, marine green, and Tahoe blue. Finally, the Classic Buckle comes in spring yellow, electric blue, and soft pink. I wish I could help you understand why Apple sells, seemingly, a bajillion different bands, but I can’t. Just shop around until you find the one that’s made of the right material and has the right fastener for you.

All the bands will be available online or in stores later this month.