Division Player Solos Incursion in Under 30 Minutes

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A Reddit user by the name of Gemini-Iceland manages to complete the Falcon Lost Incursion in The Division on the hard difficulty setting by himself in under 30 minutes.

Completing the Falcon Lost Incursion on hard in Tom Clancy’s The Division with an organized group of players is one thing, but conquering it solo is something else entirely. At least one player has managed to achieve such an accomplishment, however, and even has the video evidence to back it up.

Reddit user Gemini-Iceland has beaten the Falcon Lost Incursion in The Division on the hard difficulty setting solo. His gear score was 199, and his weapons were equipped with critical hit magazines, as opposed to rate of fire mags that many others would think to use.

Now, beating the Falcon Lost Incursion solo is difficult enough, but Gemini-Iceland managed to beat the Falcon Lost Incursion solo on hard mode, which should impress anyone familiar with Falcon Lost and The Division. For Division players, Gemini-Iceland’s solo run may even seem too crazy to believe, so feel free to watch him dominate the Falcon Lost Incursion right here:


What makes Gemini-Iceland’s solo run in the Falcon Lost Incursion even more impressive is that it doesn’t seem like Gemini relied on any exploits, such as the Falcon Lost boss glitch. It’s probably a good thing that Gemini-Iceland avoided using that exploit, as it makes the solo run much more impressive, and it also means that Gemini-Iceland can avoid punishment from Ubisoft – assuming that he didn’t utilize the exploit in previous runs of Falcon Lost.

Indeed, it appears as though Gemini-Iceland’s solo run of the Falcon Lost Incursion in The Division is completely legitimate. If Gemini-Iceland is relying on exploits or is hacking The Division (as is common in the PC version of the game), he is able to hide it well enough that it’s not noticeable. However, if Gemini-Iceland did utilize any exploits (and again, it doesn’t appear as though he did), it would be hard to fault him for doing so, as apparently the number of enemies aren’t scaled based on how many players are going through the Incursion.

In the meantime, those hoping to replicate Gemini-Iceland’s solo success can study the video, as well as refer to our Division Falcon Lost guide for additional tips and tricks. It will take a lot of skill to repeat Gemini-Iceland’s feat, but doing it with an even lower gear score could earn one serious bragging rights within The Division community. Just be sure to record the mayhem.

Has Gemini-Iceland’s accomplishment inspired you to solo Falcon Lost on hard? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



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