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Non-Apple chip suppliers seeing slowdown as Apple chain builds up to ‘iPhone 8’

Although chipmakers in the Apple supply chain saw their orders accelerate in June, suppliers for non-Apple devices have encountered unexpectedly slow orders

Art of Gaming: Blood Dragon, the Stanley Parable and the risk of humour in games

In our latest Art of Gaming video, Usul and Trinity analyse how humour works in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and The

Small Businesses Sold 40 Million Items on Amazon Prime Day — Twice Last Year’s Total

Are you selling your products on Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)? If you are not, here’s a good reason to consider the platform. During the

Apple Battles Qualcomm to the Sound of a Steve Jobs Opera

It’s been an interesting week for Apple and anyone who has been watching the soap opera surrounding its Qualcomm battle. This week, Apple’s Qualcomm battle took

Acinq Launches Lightning Network Android Wallet Eclair

TECHNOLOGY This week reported on the recent demo of the Lightning Network being tested by Bitfury on Bitcoin’s mainnet. Now the bitcoin technology company

Understanding Microsoft’s Value Proposition in the US Software Space

Microsoft’s scale in systems software Previously in this series, we discussed Microsoft’s technical indicators. Now, let’s look at its value proposition among

Become a certified web design pro and save over $1500 on the training

With more than 140,000 websites going live every day, now is the perfect time to become a web designer. Whether you want

Pokemon Go Fest: When Are the Challenge Windows?

okemon Go Fest Chicago is about to get underway. The day’s events are built around “challenge windows,” so when exactly do all

Here’s How You Can Save $300 On An Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 Or S8+

Samsung is offering users a deal that could save them a lot of money on the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. Samsung

Amanda Craig: ‘Devon is a heaven of beauty and a hell of dullness’

If you were to ask what place in Britain has inspired most writers, you would probably guess London; Devon comes a close