Chicago’s new Apple store has a giant MacBook for a roof

Construction is underway at the new Apple store in downtown Chicago, and today, as reported by DNA Chicago, a new design element was added — a giant Apple logo. A construction crew laid out the logo on the store’s silver, rectangular roof, making it look like a giant MacBook. It stayed for less than an hour before crews rolled up the logo and removed it.

Designed by London-based Foster+Partners, the store is a relocation of Apple’s original Chicago flagship and is a 20,000-square-foot space which, upon completion, will have all-glass walls and a thin, carbon fiber roof… that looks like a MacBook.

The first renderings were originally unveiled in 2015, and touted the project’s “echo” to Prairie Style homes. As the Chicago Tribune details, the all-glass walls range between 14 to 32 feet in height, and are made out of four layers of half-inch thick glass joined with layers of stronger, thicker laminated glass.


Google search now has card-based suggestions for all the best recipes

It seems Google search is getting smarter and smarter; it certainly is getting more convenient for mobile devices. Ever since Google introduced its card-based UI, things look more organized and are easier to spot. And the search giant is bringing a slew of recipes in that format. Now when you search on the Google app for a particular recipe, “you’ll see a carousel of tappable suggestions to make sure you catch the best recipe.”

For instance, if you type in “Chicken wing recipes,” not only will Google gather various recipes from the web with scrumptious pictures, it will also give you suggestions for more specific types such as “Buffalo,” “Honey,” “Spicy,” or “Slow cooker.” If you tap on one of those keywords, Google will show you a list of cards, each from a different website, along with a preview of ingredients, reviews, calories, and how long it’d take to cook. Pretty neat, eh?

Google will show you a list of cards, each from a different website, along with a preview of ingredients, reviews, calories, and how long it’d take to cook.

So whether you are preparing for a party, in need of some inspiration, or just salivating at 2AM looking for some food porn, Google wants to be the place to go to for easy step-by-step recipes. If you haven’t done so already, give it a try – ranging from simple appetizers to full-blown Korean dishes, it should have a thing or two that pleases you.


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J.K. Rowling has every right to fear Trump and his ‘teeny little fingers’

J.K. Rowling, queen of Twitter burns, has no time for your political nonsense or Donald Trump’s tiny Twitter fingers.

Following President elect Trump’s press conference on Wednesday, the Harry Potter author, who is no stranger to the magical Trump takedown, was left feeling very uneasy about America’s,

As you can imagine, the (since deleted) tweet displeased the famous author, and she responded with a swift burn stating why she, and everyone else on the planet for that matter, has the right to be concerned.

“Those teeny little fingers are within twitching distance of the nuclear codes,” she wrote, taking a classic jab at the highly debated topic of Trump’s abnormally small hands.

So there you have it folks…as long as Trump has access to the nuclear codes, everyone has the right to be concerned.


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How Social Media Has Changed the Game for Customer Service

To understand how some people just have an innate sense for great customer service, you need only look back at Shep Hyken’s job during college. Before Shep became a world-renown customer service expert and best-selling author, he worked at a gas station.

“One very, very cold day…a woman got out of the car to pump gas, an elderly woman,” Hyken explains. “I went out and pumped her for gas for her. My manager got upset with me for pumping this lady’s gas. He says, ‘we’re a self-serve station’ and I thought, well you know, ‘but she could have died, slipped piece of ice, I mean she looked frail’. So I helped her and he says, ‘What is she going to do the next time? She’s going expect the same thing.’ And I said, ‘well that’s fine because there’s three other stations, one on each of the corners [of] the intersection, and I think that I’d love her to come back and always do business with us.’”

Today, Hyken consults with many companies and teaches them how to employ this same mindset to what is becoming the ultimate competitive advantage.

“You’re going to compete on really one of two things: You’re either going to compete on price or something else,” he says. “If you’re not competing on price alone you’re competing on something else and that something else is always going to be part of the customer experience.”

So how has social media changed the game for customer service?

“Customers have a bigger voice than ever before and therefore I believe it raises the bar for every company to do an effective job,” Hyken says, adding that it’s critical that companies respond to every post, whether positive or negative. “That’s why they call it social,” he says. “Because it is. It’s a conversation.”

The other thing social media has done is raise customer expectations. The airline industry especially has set a really high bar for any brand in social media, with response times often in just a few minutes. (See Southwest Airlines, for example.)

“What’s happened is that customer expectations are higher than they’ve ever been, and that is outpacing the strides that some companies are making,” Hyken explains. “When I have a great experience on Delta Airlines and then I go to any other business, I say, ‘Why can’t they be as friendly as the people that took care of me on Delta Airlines?’ If I go to a restaurant and I’m treated well and then I go to a bookstore I’m going to compare the person who’s apathetic, introverted, not outgoing, barely talks to me, barely looks at me, to the friendly server that I had the night before.”

So in other words, that innate sense of great customer service is more important today than ever before. While social media has had a huge impact on overall customer experience, getting the basics right – online and offline – is still critical.

As Hyken looks to the future, he is excited about cognitive computing and how it will ultimately lead to a truly personalized experience.

“What [IBM’s] Watson is doing and some other artificial intelligence systems are doing is they’re not just retrieving information, knowing where to get it, how to assimilate it, and to make it sound good to a human,” he says. “They are actually thinking. They’re truly going to learn about their customers. And every time they interact with us they’re going to get even better and better.”

Hyken graciously talked with me for Episode 45 of the Focus on Customer Service Podcast.


Here are some of the key moments of the interview and where to find them:

1:17 How Shep’s childhood shaped his customer service expertise today

6:38 The cost of doing business and the cost of not doing customer service well

7:45 Managing customer expectations

12:06 Are all companies in the customer service and customer experience business?

14:57 Examples of great experiences that don’t cost a lot of money

18:30 How has social media impacted customer service overall?

20:41 Customer surveys and what it means to deliver “10” service

24:46 Why companies should respond to every single comment on social media

29:05 How companies can build relationships with customers in digital channels and raise expectations for everyone else


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Microsoft confirms surface three production will stop this 12 months, has no public plans for a observe-up

Microsoft has showed that its surface 3 tablet, already in quick supply, is in the technique of being phased out. Microsoft will forestall dispensing the tool by December on the ultra-modern, without a phrase but on whether or not the employer will update its decreasestop surface hardware. In a declaration sent to press, a Microsoft spokesperson stated:

due to the fact that launching surface 3 over a yr ago, we have seen sturdy demand and delight among our clients. inventory is now limited and through the quit of December 2016, we can not manufacture surface 3 devices.

The unique floor RT and surface pro were introduced just over 4 years in the past, but neither became a spoil hit out of the gate. The surface RT turned into built on an underpowered Nvidia Tegra three and Microsoft badly flubbed its messaging on how its ARM-like minded version of home windows differed from its x86 counterpart. floor 2 provided a good dealimproved overall performance courtesy of Nvidia’s Tegra four, but it become floor 3 that lower back the lowercease surface platform to the x86 area, courtesy of Intel’s x7-Z8700 SoC. That chip offers a base clock of 1.6GHz, a 2.4GHz base frequency, LPDDR3-1600 memory channels, and a situation layout energy (SDP) rating as little as 2W.

Of the three non-seasoned surface pills, the floor 3 was by means of far the pleasantobtained of the bunch, which makes Microsoft’s cancellation and not using a word of a successor a chunk of a marvel.
The surface four SoC conundrum

commonly, Microsoft might preserve adopting Intel’s decreasequit Atom SoCs for surface gadgets while counting on a mixture of center M and middle i3/i5/i7 parts for the floor pro or floor ebook households. Intel’s decision to cancel its telephone and pill merchandise surely threw a wrench into these plans, and it’s not clean what trade hardware Microsoft should even use.

surface three, without its kind cover. Small tablets need small CPU cores.

Intel doesn’t provide TDP figures for its Atom Z8700 own family and it doesn’t provide SDP scores for its center M hardware. the lowest TDP configuration for cutting-edge middle M chips is 3.5W — respectably low, however now not a beneficial point of assessment seeing that we don’t recognize how the 2 metrics relate to each different. Intel’s list fees, then again, are a remember of public report — and the $281 fee tag on a center M is a ways above the $37 listing fee for an Atom SoC. you can say 6dcae44b5bb0ed8decf5315a8a4ccfbc to x86 2-in-1’s at $four hundred – $500 fee factors if OEMs should flow to center M processors.

AMD doesn’t seem to have some thing that could fit Microsoft’s needs, both. The organisation made a few overtures to the pill market several years in the past but in no way significantly tried to go into the marketplace. An updated version of AMD’s Puma+ SoC constructed on 14nm might have been able to address this space, however AMD determined not to update its cat cores beyond the 28nm node (at the least, no longer inside the pc space).

Rumors suggest that Microsoft might have held off on updating the surface family this 12 months so it is able to launch new hardware along its subsequent most important windows 10 release, codenamed Redstone 2 and predicted to reach in early 2017. Redmond’s options for a brand new surface three successor, however, will still be pretty limited. it could choose Apollo Lake and take delivery of higher energy intake, but the accelerated thickness and noise wouldn’t play properly with purchasers and Microsoft isn’t going to release an ARM-simplest surface four. preserve in mind, all of this discussion applies simplest to the standard surface circle of relatives — Microsoft is expected to replace the cutting-edge floor e-book and surface seasoned 4 later this 12 months or early next.

The most effective course for Microsoft to take could be to kill floor three outright, hold iterating at the floor pro circle of relatives, and allow thirdcelebration OEMs like Dell and Asus cope with the lowerend of the market. it might be disappointing to look the decreasestop surface line die simply after it in the end observed comfy footing. unless Intel is willing to build custom hardware for Microsoft’s extraordinarily restricted needs there won’t be a replacement answer in the marketplace.

The Division Game Director Has Left Ubisoft

image description

Ubisoft Massive’s Ryan Barnard, the game director who worked on The Division, has left the studio after accepting an offer for a position at IO Interactive.

The announcement came from a post made on IO Interactive’s company website, and comes hot on the heels of The Division‘s massive critical and financial successes. While the deal with Barnard was likely reached prior to the release of Ubisoft’s MMORPG/shooter hybrid, the news that The Division set a new IP sales record in its first week is sure to make IO Interactive confident about its decision to acquire Barnard. A spokesperson for IO Interactive stated:

“Ryan will focus on expanding on the near-endless possibilities of gameplay that a game like Hitman possesses…this means heading up future efforts of three of our very core teams – gameplay, online and world.”

If Barnard can bring the same kind of depth of gameplay and character design that The Division features to the Hitman series, fans of Agent 47 are in for a true renaissance era for everyone’s favorite bald and barcoded assassin. Although leaving a project as wildly successful as The Division is never an easy choice, the fact that the newest Hitman game has been praised as one of the best in the franchise’s history means the transition shouldn’t be too difficult for Barnard.

While the move seems to make sense for both parties, however, it remains unclear just what being a Gameplay Director actually entails. Barnard’s experience with titles like EverQuest 2 and Warhammer Online might help bring a steady hand to IO Interactive’s recent decision to make Hitman episodic, however, whatever his official role might be.

For those fans who might be worried that The Division‘s strong start at release might be hampered by the departure of Ubisoft Massive’s game director, it’s important to keep in mind that The Division is a game that was made with the help of a lot of different studios. While it would be foolish to understate how much a game director brings to each of their individual projects, there are plenty of practiced hands available within the ranks at Ubisoft to ensure that The Division remains one of the best shooters available today.

the division agent gameplay

One studio’s loss is another’s gain, however, and fans of the Hitman series should be excited that an industry talent so fresh off the success of a huge release is now turning his attention to their game. It remains to be seen exactly what Barnard will be doing with Hitman, but if his past endeavors are any indication, it’s reasonable to expect it will be something exciting.

What do you think about the news that someone so heavily involved with The Division has left the game’s team? Are you excited about what this move could mean for IO Interactive and the Hitman series? Let us know in the comments below.


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Mediafire now has a Universal Windows 10 app

MediaFire is the latest Universal Windows 10 app now available in the Windows Store. MediaFire lets you access your files, photos, videos, music, or documents from any Windows 10 device. MediaFire offers users file hosting, file synchronization, and cloud storage.

MediaFire offers users a number of features including:

  • Automatically backup all your photos and videos
  • 10 GB of space – free!
  • Earn up to 50 GB of free space
  • Sync your Windows Phone photos to your computer
  • Stream and play music and videos
  • Keep all your important files at your fingertips
  • View docs, spreadsheets, presentations, video, and listen to audio
  • Create and manage folders and files
  • Share files on the go via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, or copy and paste links
  • Quickly search all your files and folders

MediaFire works in the same way as other services like MegaUpload and Microsoft’s OneDrive. If you are interested in signing up for MediaFire, download their Universal Windows 10 app for free to get started.


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